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Donate to renovate the Neonatal Care Department at Hillel Yaffe

A donation that has real meaning:

Neonatal Care Department renovation project at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center



The most moving moment of a new life being born can at times be accompanied with great worry and serious concern. Anyone who has ever known a child being treated in the Neonatal Care Department knows how hard it is to see babies that might only weigh a few hundred grams, with medical devices connected to their little limbs, sometimes truly fighting for their lives. Without a doubt, the Neonatal Care Department is the focal point of many hopes.


Regrettably, hope alone is not enough to help premature babies. In addition to hope, they need warmth and love, and mainly dedicated and professional care. This is the expertise offered by the Neonatal Care Department at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center (the Intensive Care Unit for Premature and Sick Babies).


Approximately 430 babies are admitted to our Neonatal Care Department each year, most of which are there for 8-10 weeks, if not longer. Their weights range from 500 grams to five kilograms. They receive intensive and complex care that requires the combination of numerous factors, including imaging tests and X-rays, blood tests, surgeries and more.


The Neonatal Care Department was built over 20 years ago and no longer responds to the existing need for care of the number of premature babies that are admitted to it for weeks and months on end. The crowding faced today in the department makes it much harder for the medical staff to care for the premature babies and also for the families who frequently need to limit the hours they visit due to crowding and uncomfortable conditions. Furthermore, the crowding increases the risk of disseminating infections in the department.


Despite the crowded conditions, the Neonatal Care Department received the Yitzhak Rabin National Quality and Excellence Awards for the public sector in 2009, in the track for healthcare organizations.


Our premature babies need you!


The planned renovation of the Neonatal Care Department will increase the size of the admissions area by about 80 sq m., so that the result will be a spacious and modern 230 sq m. Neonatal Care Department, with the newest equipment necessary to treat the premature babies. Additionally, all of the complex and expensive electromechanical systems will be replaced and adapted to the highest ICU standards.


The new Neonatal Care Department will make it possible to:

  • Create space between the incubators for the wellbeing of the hospitalized babies and their families.
  • Create a space where the medical staff can easily provide care. 
  • Separate the three areas of treatment in the department: ICU, interim care and follow-up care. 
  • Prevent infections. 
  • Minimize the exposure (of other premature babies) to radiation from X-rays performed to another baby. 
  • Improve medical confidentiality - the current crowding makes it difficult for the medical staff to hold an intimate conversation with families.

The cost of expanding and renovating the Neonatal Care Department - NIS 3,200,000


The story of Ninel, born in Week 25 of gestation:  








We invite you to take part in this exceptionally important project and to be partners in giving the best, smoothest and safest possible start to the hundreds of babies who need it.


Make your donation in any one of the following ways: (Your contribution is tax deductible under Section 46)


By check:

Medical Research Fund (NPO)

Hillel Yaffe Medical Center

PO Box 169, Hadera 38100


Would you like our representative to contact you?

Please provide us with the following information:




By credit card:


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donate to renovate the Neonatal Care Department
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