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Childbirth classes and tours of the delivery room

The purpose of the childbirth education classes 

Childbirth education classes are designed to provide you with clear and professional information about what you can expect during pregnancy and labor. A childbirth education class is recommended as part of the preparation for any birth, especially if this is your first pregnancy. It is designed for both you and your partner and not only for the pregnant woman. In the class, we do our best to provide knowledge and information about the various processes that occur during pregnancy and during the delivery itself. We believe that this will improve your level of self-confidence when dealing with the pregnancy and childbirth experience. 



The many advantages of taking a class: 

  • The class is a forum for providing soon-to-be parents with knowledge about the routine processes in delivery rooms and helps them understand the different childbirth methods, so that they have the tools to choose the childbirth processes and methods they want. 
  • The class makes it possible for the couple to be full partners in the delivery process and to see of the couple is able to cooperate with the attending staff. 
  • In the class, the couple learn a wide range of methods they can practice, movements and physiology that may prove beneficial during pregnancy and labor (pelvic exercises, standing and work positions, breathing and relaxation techniques, and labor positions). 
  • During the class, the group will work through the experience of pregnancy and childbirth together by getting answers to frequently asked questions and personal questions. This is based on the philosophy that the childbirth experience is one that is shared by the couple and when they share information, it helps them improve their relationship in terms of the future delivery. 
  • For many men, the class is their first exposure to theoretical and practical knowledge about childbirth. Past experience has shown that there are many ways partners can be involved in all aspects of the class. This involvement can lead to the creation of another source of strength for women during pregnancy and labor, and prevent anxiety about the unknown.  
  • Participants in the class learn about the advantages and disadvantages of painkillers, the ideal timing for anesthesia and the different methods for relieving pain during labor (through labor positions, breathing techniques, relaxation techniques and more). 
  • Later in the course, participants receive initial breastfeeding education so that they have comprehensive and beneficial information about how to breastfeed properly right from the first few times the baby nurses after birth and to prevent the future mother from experiencing frustration or unnecessary pain. 
  • Participants in the class will also receive guidance and advice from an expert on how to make their first purchases for the baby. Likewise, they will be taught about using an exercise ball. 
  • The class is taught by a multidisciplinary staff, each of which provides various points of emphasis on the pregnancy process, labor and more.   


The delivery room staff will be happy to answer questions at any time.

There is a charge for the childbirth classes. 

To register for a childbirth class, please call: 04-7744771

Voice mail, for messages: 04-7744575

Or by e-mail:


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