The Recovery Unit


Unit Director: Dr. Anatoly Stav

Head Nurse: Ms. Olga Yazraiv

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Nursing Staff:

Ms. Rachel Hamiel

Mr. Fuaz Biadsa

Ms. Iris Getter

Ms. Marina Gorkov

Ms. Irij Azav

Ms. Asia Malchin

Ms. Raida Korby

Ms. Yulia Lieberman

Ms. Angela Avraham

Ms. Sigalit Babed

Ms. Tzipi Cohen

Mr. Wahiv Atamna

Ms. Sofia Polisman

Ms. Sharon Sibony

Ms. Rasha Masarwa

Ms. Bruria Ankonina

Mr. Muhammad Gnaim

Mr. Muhammad Atamna

Mr. Amin Abu Ful

Ms. Ella Shapira

Ms. Sivan Yunai-Maman

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After anesthesia and the surgical procedure, the patient is brought to the Recovery Unit. Our goal in the Recovery Unit is to allow the patient to be fully relaxed, provide treatment that focuses on pain and ensure a sterile environment. All of these are important for the process of waking up and recovery from anesthesia to be successful.


Treatment in the Recovery Unit:


The Recovery Unit staff includes the medical staff, which is made up of physicians specialized in anesthesia, and the nursing staff, comprised of registered nurses with academic degrees and intensive care training. All staff members are skilled and experienced in handling the various types of emergencies that may emerge after anesthesia. Our sole focus is on our patients and their families. Our strive to provide high-quality care, while protecting patient dignity and rights.


Receiving information about patients during their stay in Recovery:


We operate an electronic monitor, where you can find information about where your loved one is in the various stages in the process. During their stay in the Recovery Unit, the nursing and medical staff will provide explanations and answer questions that the patient or the patient's family may have.


However, it is important to note that the surgery and the recovery process frequently continue for hours, and family members and friends need a great deal of patience. Cooperation and a positive attitude during this sensitive time will help you and us in treatment and waiting until the patient is discharged from Recovery to a regular inpatient department.


Waiting room for families:


For the convenience of families and companions, near the operating rooms we have a special waiting room, where you can wait until your loved one is out of surgery and has completed recovery. To make your wait easier, we have installed vending machines with food and beverages, a television screen and a cold water dispenser. There is also a screen with information about the stage of surgery your loved one is in.


Visiting the patient after surgery:


Due to the dynamic nature of the care provided in the unit, it is not possible for family members or companions to remain by the patient's side for a lengthy amount of time. However, to the extent possible, we will allow a single family member a short visit. It will take place subject to the activity of the nursing staff, with emphasis on the following points:

  • Before entering the unit, and due to the fear of infection, visitors will be required to:
  • Disinfect their hands with a substance found at the entrance to the unit. Make sure to disinfect your hands both at the entrance to the unit and when you are done to avoid transmitting infections.
  • Put on one of the gowns located on the cart at the entrance. Do not visit other patients or walk around the unit. If you have any questions, please call a nurse to come to you.
  • Approval to visit is only given by the Recovery Unit nursing staff and at their discretion, according to the situation in the unit at the time.
  • Toddlers and children - only one parent is allowed to enter, and that parent may remain at their child's side throughout their stay in the Recovery Unit, subject to the instructions of the unit’s nursing staff.


Transferring the patient out of the Recovery Unit:


After the patient's condition stabilizes, they will be transferred to one of the inpatient departments or to the outpatient unit for continued care. This will be done solely by authorized hospital personnel (family members may not transfer the patients themselves). Notice of the transfer and location will be given to the family members.


We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Fax: 04-7744557

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