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The Trauma Unit


Department Director: Dr. Alexander Kurin

Head Trauma Nurse: Mr. Tawfik Hashan

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Trauma Registrar: Ms. Ilana Harari

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The Trauma Unit, a multi-disciplinary medical unit located in the Emergency Medicine Department, is a subdivision of General Surgery B Department, and works with all of the hospital's in-patient units.


Founded in 1994 following the declaration of Hillel Yaffe Medical Center as a regional trauma center, the Trauma Unit is one of Israel's first centers in this field created following recognition by hospital administration of the need for a separate organizational entity to treat trauma victims.


Unit operations peaked between 2002-2004, when it was involved in the treatment of over 50 multiple victim events during the second Intifada. During this time, the Unit gained extensive knowledge and experience, which is reflected in its work.


Approximately 2,500 Complex Trauma Victims Annually

The unit treats 2,000-2,500 trauma victims who need hospitalization every year, or an average of seven victims a day, with one being severely injured.


Trauma victims suffer from physical trauma – blunt force injuries, penetration injuries, burns – that require medical and surgical intervention. The most common causes of these types of injuries are traffic accidents, job-related accidents, home accidents, violence, hostile acts, etc.


Cooperation is Critical for Patients

At the end of their stay in the Trauma Unit, patients are transferred to other departments and units. The Unit monitors these patients throughout their hospitalization. Cooperation between the Trauma Unit staff and all medical and nursing staff is critical to providing speedy, quality and efficient care of trauma victims, and requires the ability to make life-saving decisions.


Far-Reaching Activity in Academic Circles to Promote Trauma-Related Issues

In addition to its regular operations, the Trauma Unit is very active in training, research and academia to promote trauma-related issues.


The Unit is managed by a trauma specialist surgeon who has trained in the United States in this field, a member of the Israeli Trauma Association and serves as a trauma instructor for doctors at the national level.


The Unit also includes a trauma coordinator who was among the first in the country to be trained in the field, as well as a trauma registrar who documents every injury for monitoring and research purposes as part of the national system.

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Useful information







Consult with a Senior Physician / Department Director:

To schedule a consult, call 04-7744407 on Sun-Thurs between 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

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