Stroke Study Day

The Hillel Yaffe Medical Center Stroke Unit organized a professional study day for the hospital staff, MDA, and other participants. The conference included a wide range of lectures about diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of strokes

This week a professional study day for medical and nursing staff on the topic of strokes took place at the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center. The conference was organized by the Stroke Unit at Hillel Yaffe, headed by the Unit Director, Dr. Sergiu Sabetay. Heading the day’s organization were Mr. Mahmoud Abu Khalaf, a nurse in the Neurology Department who is responsible for promoting the subject of strokes at the hospital, Ms. Oksana Porat, Head Nurse in the Neurology Department, and Ms. Vered Cohen, Supervisor in the Nursing Administration.


The conference began with greetings from Dr. Mickey Dudkiewicz, Director of the Medical Center, and Ms. Dina Fainblat, Director of Nursing, who spoke about the importance of prompt treatment for strokes, the importance of synchronization between all involved parties, and the tools for fast diagnosis.


From left to right: Mr. Mahmoud Abu Khalaf, Dr. Sergiu Sabetay, Ms. Dina Fainblat, Ms. Oksana Porat, Ms. Vered Cohen, Ms. Bella Haimov


During the day, there were fascinating lectures about stroke diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation, from the Medical Center’s top experts, members of Magen David Adom (MDA), and visiting lecturers. The lectures included: The Importance of Prompt Treatment for Strokes, Management of Stroke Cases in the Emergency Room, Drug Treatment in the Case of Severe Strokes, The Connection Between Atrial Fibrillation and Stroke, Initial Prevention, and The Initial Rehabilitation Process After a Stroke.


At the same time as the conference was taking place, male and female nurses who are defined as stroke trustees in the hospital, were present in the hospitalization departments, to carry out activities which raise the awareness for diagnosing and treating the issue. This activity was initiated by the promoter of the subject of stroke at the hospital, Mr. Mahmoud Abu Khalaf.


Director of the Stroke Unit, Dr. Sergiu Sabetay, thanked everyone who had participated in organizing the conference, and commended the fruitful and important cooperation between the hospital and MDA.


It should be noted that over the past month, the hospital has held various activities in the community, including lectures in Hebrew and Arabic to a wide audience, so as to encourage awareness and alertness to identifying stroke in sufficient time.

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