After the cyber-attack: Working 24/7 to restore the systems

After the cyber-attack: Working 24/7 to restore the systems

From the day of the cyber attack on the Medical Center’s computer systems, we have worked in cooperation with the Ministry of Health Hospitals Division, the Ministry of Health, and Cyberpro Israel, to redeploy all the information systems using a different infrastructure to that which was attacked. This means reinstallation of the computerization systems to enable management of clinical files, including medical history. This has been carried out while aiming for information protection at the highest level, updating with the very newest systems, and creating clinical prioritization so that the restoration process will be carried out in the most logical and supervised manner.


It should be noted that the work is being carried out 24/7, with great and unprecedented efforts by information systems experts at all levels and ranks, as well as colleagues from other hospitals.


Director of Hillel Yaffe Medical Center Dr. Mickey Dudkiewicz: “We have travelled a long journey over the past two weeks, a journey that can chart future information from which others can learn. This is a complex struggle with a situation which needs getting used to and which is not medical in its essence. Alongside the establishment of new information systems, we are working on all fronts to gradually restore the clinical information. The return to normal routine is our first priority, and we are therefore working daily to extend and expand our clinical operations.


“Our Emergency Rooms receive patients, the Out-Patient Clinics are operating partially, there are surgeries, and even though we are not yet working at our full normal capacity, the patients hospitalized and who come here are given the best help and service, and of course, full medical treatment.


It is clear to me that this process takes time and is being carried out in accordance with an organized plan, while we are working hard to shorten the entire process. Where there is good will, good people, and ability – there was and will be results. I wish to thank all those who harnessed themselves to help us, and to the hospital employees, who demonstrated devotion and responsibility, and have worked and impressively adapted themselves to the new circumstances.”

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