New App will transfer data about stroke patients in real time

The Hillel Yaffe Medical Center has begun using an innovative platform which enables transferring real time data from stroke patients to the mobile phone or computer, and allows a fast initial diagnosis which can be critical for treatment

This is a unique diagnostic program, based on artificial intelligence, which can enable diagnosis at the first stage of whether the stroke is ischemic or hemorrhagic, and at the same time, sends an immediate notification in cases of brain hemorrhage – which also has an immediate effect on the type of treatment.


The program has additional functions which help doctors obtain a precise, rapid picture of the situation, as well as make a better-considered decision regarding further treatment. For example, calculating the level of irreversible damage caused according to the ASPECT Score – which is accepted worldwide, sending CT angiography images, and automatic calculation of the amount of tissue estimated to have died (necrosis) as against the tissue in which there is a certain drop in blood supply, but can still be revived by medication or cardiac catheterization. The program even enables viewing different levels of brain damage, so that the staff can make a more considered opinion within a few minutes. Another advantage is the ability to transfer information between the teams which are connected to it, and more. The program has been operational for several years in hospitals worldwide, and is currently also in use in several medical centers in Israel, including Hillel Yaffe.


Director of the Stroke Unit, Dr. Sergiu Sabetay, demonstrates the operation of the new program



Stroke: Fast diagnosis – effective treatment


Recent years have seen a steady rise in the number of strokes in Israel and worldwide. As a result, the need to find innovative solutions for fast and more precise diagnosis of strokes has emerged, so as to enable significant reduction in the brain damage caused to stroke patients. 


“With a stroke, time is a critical component. During each minute which passes, around 1.9 million brain cells are destroyed, which can be crucial to the patient’s future functioning capabilities,” explains Director of the Stroke Unit in the Neurology Department at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center, Dr. Sergiu Sabetay. 


“This platform has proven itself to be extremely effective, particularly regarding reducing the time until decisions are made, preventing imprecise treatments for patients with severe strokes, and preventing mistaken transfers of patients between hospitals. Additionally, the program helps to improve the patients’ clinical situation, including a significant drop in the number of patients requiring rehabilitation, more patients returning to independent lives, and preventing stroke complications,” concludes Dr. Sabetay.  

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