New: Clinic for therapy for sexual trauma victims


The clinic employs a multidisciplinary staff, from the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center Mental Health Services, who are especially trained and specialize in treating women and men who have suffered one-time or ongoing sexual abuse, and who are struggling with the broad and complex repercussions on their lives. The staff is of different genders and cultures, including a female psychiatrist, social workers, and psychologists, and was brought together with the thought and aspiration to provide therapy that will be in congruence with the needs and sensitivities of those turning to it.


Therapy at the clinic, intended for people aged 18 and over who have experienced sexual trauma, has been constructed with intense thought and sensitivity by the staff, and provides a comprehensive solution including a unique intake process by the staff, long-term psychotherapy focused on the complex trauma and its repercussions, guidance regarding receiving all benefits and the Rehabilitation Basket, as well as providing the correct medications and psychiatric support.


The new clinic within the Adult Mental Health Clinic


The project, which benefits from the budgetary support of the Ministry of Health Mental Health Division, is being led by the head psychologist in the Mental Health Services, Ms. Orit Freund. As noted, the clinic will be part of the Adult Mental Health Clinic, directed by Dr. Ella Lande, and the psychologist will be Ms. Shelly Ben Israel.


Director of the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center Mental Health Services, Dr. Efrat City Elifaz: “We are talking about a new and extremely important service in the region, particularly in light of the opening of the center for victims of sexual assault at Hillel Yaffe over a year ago, the Helena Center, which enables a continuum of therapy. I am happy that all those involved have joined together to realize this, and I want to thank the partnership with the Ministry of Health Mental Health Division.”


It should be noted that when turning to the clinic, you will be asked for a referral from your primary care provider and payment authorization from the medical insurer (health fund), to carry out the assessment. The clinic is located in the Mall Hof Village mall, at 10 Shechtman Street, Hadera. Telephone at the clinic: 04-774835/6, fax: 04-7744988.

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