February 22, 2022: Delivery room overload

The midwives in Hillel Yaffe Medical Center’s Delivery Room were present at no less than ten births within less than six hours: All babies born on the double and unique date of 22.2.22

Liz and Shahar from Hadera stand next to the bassinet of their firstborn daughter, looking at her with the awe reserved for such a newborn wonder. “Our due date was actually in only three weeks time,” they laugh, “but it seems she thought it was urgent for her to make an appearance on a nice date – 22.2.22. And she only missed 2 a.m. by six minutes.”


There were another nine women who gave birth in the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center’s Delivery Rooms between midnight and 6 a.m., all had regular births, and all of them earlier than their estimated due date, whether by three weeks or one week.


Five of the ten new mothers who kicked off the special date of 22.2.22 in Hillel Yaffe’s Delivery Room


Shumli Fatma from Hadera relates that her daughter was born early, in week 36, but summarizes her birth experience with a big smile, with thanks to the staff and a statement with which the other new mothers agree: “It isn’t the date that’s important, but that the birth was okay and that everything went well.”


The Delivery Room and Maternity Ward staff who accompanied the new mothers agree with this in full, and wish them all mazel tov. For them, the day and date are not yet over. There are more babies who will soon also be crowned with the special date.

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