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Nineteen physicians from Hillel Yaffe Medical Center, including 10 residents, contributed to the first professional book of its kind regarding trauma and emergency surgery. We are truly honored!

Unlike most of the professional medical literature, for this book, while some chapters were written by prominent senior doctors from around the world, the vast majority were compiled by young residents, some from the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center.


The book, officially entitled Landmarks Articles: Past, Present and Future Perspectives, includes all the professional literature regarding accepted treatment procedures throughout the world. The book was published by the EVTM Society – an international professional body involved in innovative methods for saving the lives of trauma victims, and minimally invasive interventions for trauma and emergency surgery. Around 500 of the leading trauma specialists worldwide belong to this body, which is headed by Dr. Boris Kassel, Director of the Surgical Division at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center, who is also one of the book’s editors.


Some of the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center residents who participated in writing the book, together with the senior staff who helped


Prof. Boris Kassel relates: “This is the first time the society is publishing a professional book about trauma and emergency surgery. This is, essentially, the first edition to gather together all the professional literature and most innovative methods, including the use of endovascular tools, and which charts the practices used today in the world of traumatic injuries, general surgery, vascular surgery, emergency medicine, invasive radiology, and more. The Hillel Yaffe Medical Center has made a great contribution to writing the book, since 19 doctors from the Surgical Division, the Gynecology and Obstetrics Department, the Radiology Department, and hospital management, including 10 residents, were involved in its compilation. We are certainly happy that we have an outstanding future generation who are partners in the writing of professional protocols and accepted working practices.”

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