We’re back to normal: Over 200 expectant women participated in our Pregnancy and Childbirth Fair

Over 200 pregnant women gathered last Friday at Hillel Yaffe for a particularly pampering Pregnancy and Childbirth Fair which included a delicious breakfast, an area for free massages from the Alternative Medicine Clinic, stands, and informative lectures from experts of the Maternity Division

Last Friday, Hillel Yaffe Medical Center’s Maternity Division held a particularly pampering Pregnancy and Childbirth Fair. Over 200 expectant women together with their partners gathered in the hospital’s conference hall, where they enjoyed a delicious, extravagant breakfast, free reflexology treatments – from Hillel Yaffe’s Alternative Medicine Clinic’s therapists, stands, and more. The women and their partners also heard enriching lectures from staff of the Maternity Division, who provided them with information essential to know before coming to give birth – from means to alleviate pain during childbirth to how to design a baby’s bedroom so he will sleep at night.


The Division team, who were delighted to once again have in-person conferences, ended the successful gathering with wishes for an easy birth and a healthy mother and baby, and invited the audience to the Breastfeeding Fair which the hospital organizes for new mothers.


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