Hillel Yaffe presents: A hospital under cyber attack

Around half a year after Hillel Yaffe Medical Center returned to its regular activities following the cyber attack it experienced, the hospital – in cooperation with the Government Hospitals Division – has created a conference to share its experience and insights, and review present and future challenges

The reality in which government bodies in general, and those in the field of health in particular, are required to internalize different patterns of activity regarding everything related to safeguarding themselves from cyber attacks, has become real after the cyber attack experienced by the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center in October 2021.


The incident was transformative and unprecedented in its intensity, setting many challenges for medical and government institutions. The stoppage included blockage to the hospital’s databases, although no information was leaked and no harm was caused to vital medical equipment. The recovery period continued for around a month.


Now, around six months after returning to normal, the medical center management, in cooperation with the Government Hospitals Division, has decided to hold the first conference of its kind, which will present the challenges of the attack and how the hospital coped on all levels – managerial, logistical, clinical, national, etc.


At the conference, to be held on June 14, 2022, at the Resort Hotel in Hadera, other government bodies and experts from the fields of cyber, communications, negotiations, etc. will also present.


For the conference program in Hebrew, click here

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