Rabbi Erblich, Director of Lema’anchem visits Hillel Yaffe

Rabbi Yossi Erblich, Director of Lema’anchem, and its president, Prof. Yossi Press, visited the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center today, where they received a comprehensive explanation about the hospital’s activity from Director of Hillel Yaffe Medical Center Dr. Mickey Dudkiewicz and members of the management

The rabbi and his staff toured the hospital and visited the Neonatal Care Department, the Neurology and Stroke Department, the General Intensive Care Unit, the Gastroenterology Institute, and more, where they learned close-up about the extensive activity and abilities of the Hillel Yaffe specialists.


Rabbi Erblich summed up the visit: “I was very impressed by the abilities and rapid development of the hospital. I am sure that the mutual relationship created today, will be strong and important for future help to patients.”


Dr. Mickey Dudkiewicz, Rabbi Yossi Erblich, and Prof. Yossi Press, in a conversation with the Director of the Newborn and Neonatal Care Department, Dr. Amit Hochberg

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