In honor of Tu B’Av (the Jewish holiday of love): A hot date at Hillel Yaffe’s Emergency Room

Here's a new definition of romance for your: Tair and Amir Beidani from Harish decided that the best way to utilize the time their three children were at grandma’s house was to “party” together in the Emergency Room and treat patients

Tair and Amir Beidani have been married for 13 years, and the couple, who lives in Harish, have three children. She has been working as an emergency room nurse at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center for the past two months, since graduating from a special program offered by Hillel Yaffe Nursing School for people with academic degrees seeking to change careers. He works at a start-up and has been a volunteer with United Hatzalah for the past three years, two of which in the Hillel Yaffe Emergency Room.


“For the most part, when I’m on a shift at the hospital, he’s at work or at home with the kids or vice versa,” said Tair Beidani. “We don't meet in the Emergency Room. This week, the kids are at “Camp Grandma” for a bit. I worked the evening shift, and he decided that instead of staying at home he would come with me for my shift and help in the ER. It was a good thing he came. It was an exceptionally busy shift, and every extra set of hands was essential,” she said with a smile.


Despite the busy night, some people in the ER noticed that the couple finally got to see each other at Hillel Yaffe, which in and of itself was a rare occurrence, and they were photographed working side by side. While it wasn’t exactly a standard or particularly relaxing “date,” the two say that as far as they are concerned it was great working together, even natural, that instead of staying at home, Amir came in to volunteer. “The fact that we know each other well helped us complement each other while treating patients, and it was nice and special. Up until now, we had never even worked together in the ER, because one of us always stays with the kids,” they both said.


Happy holiday of love!


Tair and Amir - finally working together on a hot date in the ER at Hillel Yaffe

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