Zero X-ray ablation for arrhythmias performed at Hillel Yaffe for the first time

Hillel Yaffe Medical Center's Cardiology Division will perform its first zero X-ray ablation procedure that does not expose the patient to X-ray radiation and, instead, uses a cardiac ultrasound catheter and 3D MUGA scan system

Ablation to correct arrhythmias is generally performed under fluoroscopy of the heart using X-rays to position the catheters at the designated locations. The Cardiology Division at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center first performed zero X-ray ablation for atrial arrhythmia, without fluoroscopy and without exposing the patient to X-ray radiation for the first time.


The procedure was performed by the Electrophysiology and Pacemaker Unit Director Dr. Eran Leshem and Dr. Gilad Margolis, a senior physician in the unit, who used a cardiac ultrasound catheter and 3D MUGA system to precisely position the catheters in the heart and perform the ablation. The procedure was very successful. The patient recovered and after the procedure returned to full function.


Dr. Eran Leshem while performing the ablation procedure at The Hillel Yaffe Medical Center


Cardiology Division Director Prof. Ariel Roguin said, “Hillel Yaffe’s Cardiology Division offers treatment for various types of arrhythmias. We perform ablations depending on the type of arrhythmia, using the most innovative and advanced devices. I am delighted that we are among the leading hospitals in Israel that offer treatment for a wide variety of heart issues, including arrhythmias.

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