Close to 200 pregnant women participated in the pregnancy and childbirth event at Hillel Yaffe


Last Friday, Hillel Yaffe’s Maternity Division held an especially enjoyable pregnancy and childbirth event. About 200 pregnant women, accompanied by their partners, came to the hospital's conference hall, where they enjoyed a lavish breakfast, a free reflexology area - provided by practitioners from Hillel Yaffe’s Complementary Medicine Clinic, enriching lectures, and a professional panel with the participation of the Maternity Division staff, stalls selling products and more. The pregnant women and their companions were provided with all the information necessary before giving birth, from pain relief methods during delivery to important tips before they are discharged from the hospital.


The division staff was very excited to see the pregnant women who recently participated in the hospital's childbirth preparation class and wished them all an easy delivery and to go home with their arms full.


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