“Whoever saves one life in Israel, it is as if they have saved the entire world"


A study day dedicated to organ donation was held this week at HYMC. The conference was organized by Luda Plotkin, Transplant Coordinator at Hillel Yaffe and a registered nurse in the General ICU.


The conference opened with greetings by Deputy Director of HYMC, Dr. Benny Abo, and Head Nurse Dina Fainblat, who underscored the importance of organ donations to the patients and families who wait for years for a transplant as well as the need to increase awareness among the general public.


From right to left: Dr. Boris Isakovich, General ICU Director, Ms. Luda Plotking, Ms. Dina Fainblat and Ms. Vered Cohen, Supervisor in the Nursing Administration


The Transplant Coordinator spoke about the National Transplant Center and emphasized that ever-growing demand and need for organ transplants in Israel and worldwide. She also mentioned the achievements and hard work of the HYMC staff in terms of organ recovery - from identifying potential donors, the discussion with the families and supporting the process as well as coordination with the National Transplant Center and more.


Later in the day, there were a variety of lectures about heart, kidney, liver and lung transplants, how the organs are actually matched to patients, and at the end of the day, participants heard the personal and moving story of David, a lung transplant recipient, who emotionally recalled his journey, how he coped and his life after transplant surgery.

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