Technology at its finest: da Vinci Robot for Hillel Yaffe

Hillel Yaffe Medical Center acquires new da Vinci surgical robot - the most advanced device for performance of minimally invasive surgical procedures, which shortens recovery time and reduces complications. The device was purchased with the help of a donation made by the estate of the late Edna and Yehuda Savir and with the support of Friends of Hillel Yaffe Medical Center and a generous gift from a leading American foundation

“This is very important news for local residents and the health of our patients,” said HYMC Director General Mickey Dudkiewicz. “My thanks to everyone who contributed and donated of their funds and time, everyone who invested thought, time and desire to come together to purchase the latest and most innovative surgical technology that enables us to expand the variety of medical services and continue to provide our patients with the most advanced medical care.” The HYMC operating room staff was excited and overjoyed when the first surgery was performed by the da Vinci robot, one of the world's most advanced surgical devices. Director of Hillel Yaffe’s Gynecology and Gynecologic Oncology Department, Prof. Ilan Bruchim, who performed the surgery, describes the experience - both for the surgeon and the patient who underwent surgery - as a “whole new world.” “The surgery is performed through several very small incisions, which allow me, as a surgeon, to have maximum control, in part due to the resolution of the image, which makes it seem as if I am actually inside the abdominal cavity. It is extremely precise, recovery is quick, and the patient can be back at home the following day. This clearly is a tool that enables us, as surgeons, to achieve optimal and precise results, and ensures the patient a speedier recovery with minimal complications. Our hospital purchased the world’s most advanced device in its latest configuration, which will allow us, as well as other surgeons, to perform highly complex surgeries without opening the abdominal cavity. This is very significant for all patients treated here.”


The da Vinci robot is one of the world's most advanced medical devices. It uses a robotic arm that is inserted through a small incision, without large incisions, and is remotely operated by physicians who have been trained for these types of procedures. Hillel Yaffe has a wide range of specialists on staff, including in gynecology, urology and surgery, who have been trained to perform surgery with the device.


The purchase of the device, at a cost of approximately NIS 10 million, was made possible through generous donations by: the estate of the late Edna and Yehuda Savir, a donation made with the support of Friends of Hillel Yaffe Medical Center, and a generous gift received for a large and leading American foundation.


The approval to operate the devices was granted by the Ministry of Health several months ago, after the hospital's management invested a great deal of work on behalf of residents of the area, along with completion of the budget by the hospital itself for infrastructure and equipment.  



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