From Woman to Woman

As part of From Woman to Woman, a special project recently launched at Hillel Yaffe, three women volunteers guide patients in the Gynecology Clinics and the Gynecological Oncology Preoperative Clinic to provide them with an excellent service experience and make them feel more relaxed

“Understaffing in the health care system is felt in all sectors - doctors, nurses, nurse aides and even administrative positions. A woman who comes in for a gynecology examination or a preoperative clinic has nobody to direct her, guide her on what to expect during the day, what tests she will need to take, how to schedule an appointment for continued care and more,” said Director of Gynecology and Gynecological Oncology at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center Prof. Ilan Bruchim, who developed the project with the assistance of Head of Promotion of the Status of Women Adv. Lihi Ron, and Volunteer Coordinator Daniella Akev.


From right to left: Efrat Roskov, Nechama Altman and Ruti Moshkovitz


“To provide them with a better service experience, we decided to recruit women volunteers to guide the patients from the time they arrive at the clinic until they go home. They greet the patients in the morning, enter the examination room with them, accompany them to their ultrasound and during the discussion and explanations about the therapeutic and surgical procedure. Then, they help them schedule appointments for ultrasound, CT and anything else required,” said Prof. Bruchim. “Women, some quite young, even before or during their military service, come in alone to the clinic and for the exam, and the presence of another woman in the room makes them feel more relaxed.”


The volunteers, Ruti Moshkovitz, 72 from Hadera, Nechama Altman, 72 from Pardes Hanna and Efrat Roskov, 55 from Caesarea, come to HYMC once a week, greet the patients at the clinics with a smile, accompany them throughout the stages of admission, examination, paperwork, until they go home. The patients benefit from an incredible service experience, as can be seen in the satisfaction surveys. The fact that there is another woman guiding the patient during her visit to the Gynecology Clinic and her presence in the room during the gynecological examination, or who guides the patients throughout the day at the Preoperative Clinic and later meets them when they are hospitalized in the department - is outstanding personal service. The medical and nursing teams also benefit from the wonderful service of the volunteers, which helps them significantly with guidance and education at the clinic and prior to surgery, allowing them to dedicate their undivided attention and time to providing the most professional and finest treatment for each patient.

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