The ophthalmologist who treats Holocaust survivors - for free!

For three years now, Eran Berkowitz, Glaucoma Service Director in Hillel Yaffe’s Ophthalmology Department, has been volunteering with Le’Ma’anam - Physicians for Holocaust Survivors, which provides free medical care to Holocaust survivors.

Even as a child, the Glaucoma Service Director in HYMC's Ophthalmology Department, Dr. Eran Berkowitz, heard many stories about the Holocaust from his grandmother, Helen Feirberger, z”l. She lost many of her relatives and immigrated to Israel from Romania along with her sister.


“I was very close to my grandmother. I recall sitting with her for hours and hours, listening to her experiences in the Holocaust and a chill would run down my spine. She lost most of her family and came to Israel together with her only sister to survive. I felt the need to do something for Holocaust survivors and found Le’Ma’anam - which provides medical care to Holocaust survivors - free of charge. As a volunteer, whether in the clinic or in their homes, I conduct eye exams and decide on continued care, if necessary. I believe, that as a nation, we have a moral obligation to help the survivors and provide them with quality and personalized medical care, without any bureaucratic hassles,” said Dr. Berkowitz.


Dr. Berkowitz is taking this opportunity to call on all physicians to join Le’Ma’anam: “These are elderly people who cannot afford medical care or who are childless and sick and are physically unable to get to the clinics. In my opinion, this is the least we can do for them.”


Dr. Eran Berkowitz conducting an eye exam at the clinic at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center

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