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Hillel Yaffe: First egg donation in Israel

The Hillel Yaffe Medical Center IVF unit performed the first egg donation according to egg donation Israeli Low. The donor' details are completely confidential

The first egg donation in the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center IVF unit was made yesterday, March 6, 2012. Dr. Adrian Ellenbogen, director of the IVF in the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center, noted that the donor inquired about making the donation following her participation in an online forum concerning the subject of eggs donation legislation.

When he made ​​contact with her to verify her will to make the donation, the woman noted that she considers it a great importance in helping women who want to have children. For this reason the woman agreed to take part in the donation process, despite the complexity of the process. 

During the past months, the woman went through the entire process, which included multiple examinations. Finally, as mentioned, yesterday it all happened.


Due to the commitment to complete anonymity, it is forbidden to have any contact between the donor and the woman receiving the donation (even if they wish to), and no information may be provided regarding any identity details. However, Dr. Ellenbogen stresses, the woman who donated the eggs completely matches all the required criteria for making this type of donation, as ordered by law and as required from the Ministry of Health.

HYMC's IVF unit, which is part of the Obstetrics & Gynecology Department, is more than pleased with this first donation and hopes to see many more in the future, since the list of women seeking a donation like this is very long.  

According to Dr. Ellenbogen, "It is clear that this is a fairly complex process, but the possible outcome - helping to bring a child into the world for women who seek it -is invaluable." 

The donated eggs were used for two women, whom also matched all required criteria, and underwent the process of preparation, as required. 



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