First Education Day for the Oncology Unit

The Oncology Unit at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center held its first-ever Education Day for patients, who described the organization and content as outstanding. And now - only the best of health

Last week, Hillel Yaffe Medical Center's Oncology Unit, which was opened only two years ago, held its first Education Day for cancer patients and covered a diverse array of content related to the various forms of the disease.


Prof. Meir Oren, Director General of the medical center, opened the day, noting the mental strength that sensitive work in oncology requires. He thanked the unit's dedicated staff and its director, Dr. Katrina Shulman, and wished them continued success in their work that is inspired by a sense of mission and commitment. He was followed by Ms. Ariella Litvich-Sherman, a representative of the Israel Cancer Association, who related to the fact that the hospital currently serves as an important resource for cancer patients in the region thanks to its comprehensive oncology services such as gynecologic oncology and hemato-oncology and that the Association is happy to cooperate with it. Then Dr. Katrina Shulman, director of the unit and organizer of the Education Day, was called up to speak. She was emotional and said that as far as she is concerned, it was a historic day, which she hopes will be followed by many others. Dr. Shulman went on to present the capabilities and structure of the unit, as well as its partnerships with the various departments at the hospital that all promote patient welfare.


The rest of the day, the many patients in the audience were enriched by lectures given by HYMC experts on a variety of topics, including The Effect of Chemotherapy on Tumors (Dr. Olga Kazrin, senior physician in the unit); Coping with the Side Effects of Chemotherapy (Nadia Blau, nurse in Oncology Outpatient Clinic); Coping Emotionally with Cancer (Elina Fishensohn, Unit Social Worker); Smart Use of Medical Cannabis in Patients with Malignancies (Dr. Yaron River, Director of the Neurology Department); Biological Treatments - The New Era in Treating Malignant Disease (Dr. Shulman); The Relationship Between Physical Activity and Cancer (Alina Revizes, Physical Therapist, Physical Therapy Institute); and Proper Nutrition during Oncology Treatment (Sarah Stern, Direct, Diet Services).


As part of the Education Day, a Q&A Panel was held and a feedback questionnaire was given to attendees. After receiving the results, it was clear that the Education Day was beneficial, its organization and content proved important, and even created a demand for similar Education Days in the future.



The Oncology Unit staff and hospital administration pictured together at the Education Day. Photo: Yitzchak Barbi

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