Elections - also at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center


About 350 people exercised their right to vote - patients and staff members who for various reasons had to be at the medical center and could not cast their votes at the polling station near their homes.


Among the voters: Sarah Oshri from Hadera, who was hospitalized in Internal Medicine D and refused to let her disease stop her from voting. She came in a wheel chair and told the people at the polling station: "Voting is a right that's important to me." Another hospitalized patient who made a major effort to vote and make a difference was Judith Hoffstetter, who is hospitalized in Orthopedics B. Despite being bedridden, she wanted to vote. An orderly took her all the way from the third floor where she is hospitalized to the ground floor in another building, where the voting was held. While lying in bed, she exercised her democratic right.



Sarah Oshri exercising her right to vote. Photo: Alex Greenman

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