Religious holidays coincide leading to a moving meeting at Hillel Yaffe

Coinciding parallel religious holidays - Jewish Passover, Christian Easter and Druze Prophet Shoaib Day - led to a festive meeting at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center with representatives of each of the religions

Over the past week, Hillel Yaffe Medical Center was privileged to have had visits by esteemed representatives of  Judaism, Islam, Christianity and Druze. The visit, which was organized by Dr. Kial, the National Inspector of Mosques and Holy Sites in the Department of Ethnic Groups in the Ministry of the Interior, and Gila Zorro, Transplant Coordinator, was held on behalf of the Ministry of the Interior, Department of Religious Ethnic Groups.


The esteemed members of the clergy came to Hillel Yaffe to visit patients and bless them before the holiday. They also came to become more familiar with and enhance cooperation with the medical center. During the visit, which included representatives of the administration, Ms. Yudit Eli - Deputy Administrative Director, Dr. Jalal Ashkar - Director of the Emergency Medicine Department, Dr. Boris Iskovitch - Deputy Director of the General Intensive Care Unit, Gila Zorro - Transplant Coordinator, and Hospital Rabbi David Hillel presented the extensive activity conducted at the medical center. During the presentation, emphasis was placed on the fact that treatment at the hospital is provided regardless of religion, race and sex, and that the medical center staff are also a microcosm of all of the sectors, sexes and religions, and cooperate fully toward a single aim - the wellbeing of patients.


The clergy members emphasized the need for camaraderie and cooperation, while conveying a message of peace. Their joint visit to the hospital was designed to provide a prayer for the recovery of patients and to emphasize that despite the different religions, we are all children of God, and so despite maintaining different faiths, there is mutual respect.


The visitors suggested possibilities for cooperation in helping patients, who in such a difficult time would benefit from encouragement from a member of the clergy, help in fundraising for the hospital and increasing support for organ donation. Among the esteemed representatives who were at the meeting were Dr. Omar Kial - the National Inspector of Mosques and Holy Sites in the Department of Ethnic Groups in the Ministry of the Interior, Mr. Yakov Slama - Head of the Department of Ethnic Groups in the Ministry of the Interor, Rabbi Baruch Hanoch Amir, Sheikh Ahmad Aasi, Sheikh Mofid Abu Moch, Sheikh Amin Canaan of Kfar Yarka, Sheikh Kheir Malachem of Kfar Yasif, Father Jaris Kasis of Jadeidi-Makr, Father Salah Maskhanin, Father Nasser Kasis of Kfar Bana, Juad Massura of Taybeh and more.


At the end of the morning, there was a tour of the synagogue and the Muslim prayer room at the hospital, as well as the Emergency Medicine Department, Dialysis Institute (Nephrology), Oncology Outpatient Clinic, Pediatrics Department and Orthopedics B Department.


During the tour, the visitors learned about the activity of the departments and gave out flowers and blessed the patients, something which generated a great deal of emotion among the patients, their families and staff, both due to the blessings and the cooperation, spirit of peace and camaraderie that infused the visit.




The clergy members handling flowers to hospital staff members



The esteemed visitors and representatives of the medical center's administration in front of the Emergency Room. 

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