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New appointment thanks to laser technology

Dr. Sergio Haimovich moved back to Israel after 30 years in Spain. He returns with extensive, in-depth knowledge in the use of laser technology in performance of fertility surgery, highly complex hysteroscopies without anesthesia and more

In recent months, Dr. Sergio Haimovich, a senior gynecologist with unique expertise in fertility surgery and complex hysteroscopic surgery using laser technology and without anesthesia, joined the staff of the Gynecology and Obstetrics Department at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center. Dr. Haimovich is a graduate of the medical school at Spain’s University of Barcelona. Right after completing his residency, he began working as a senior physician at hospitals in Spain, and in his most recent position he served as director of the Hysteroscopy Unit at Del Mar University Hospital in Barcelona. His special area of expertise is the use of laser technology in the performance of hysteroscopies (a medical procedure in which a fiber optic scope is inserted into the uterus to examine it internally, both for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes). Dr. Haimovich was the first in the world to use this technology and is currently the only one in Israel to perform highly complex hysteroscopies, such as removing uterine myomas using lasers, and without any anesthesia.


About six months ago, Dr. Haimovich decided to return to Israel with his family, after 30 years in Spain. As noted above, Dr. Haimovich now serves as the Director of the Gynecological Outpatient Service and the Hysteroscopy Service at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center.



Dr. Sergio Haimovich


“Hysteroscopy is a common method of treatment and diagnosis that can make a true difference for women suffering from fertility issues,” said Dr. Haimovich. “We are dealing with genetic defects such as a uterine septum, a t-shaped uterus or abnormal findings in the uterus that could lead to recurrent miscarriages or inability to become pregnant, or myomas of various sizes, abnormal polyps and more. The advantage of laser treatment is that it is a short procedure, done without anesthesia, and the woman is either admitted for a short time as an outpatient or may even simply come to the clinic and have the problem resolved on the same day.   

Some hospitals in Israel perform diagnostic surgical hysteroscopies without anesthesia, but we handle highly complex uterine problems, for example, removal of septums and myomas.”


Note that Dr. Haimovich established the use of laser back in 2007 in Spain, and since that time has become an international authority on the subject. He has written training manuals and textbooks about the method and, today, with his move to Hillel Yaffe Medical Center, he has already turned the hospital into a training center for professionals from Israel and worldwide. Hillel Yaffe is also the only hospital in Israel that offers a fellowship for physicians from abroad to learn and be trained in this method for performing complex hysteroscopies using laser technology without anesthesia. Therefore, in the future, Dr. Haimovich plans on opening a training center for this purpose.


To schedule an appointment for a hysteroscopy at the hospital, contact the appointment call center at 04-6304252. Be sure to bring a referral from the treating physician, relevant blood tests and appropriate ultrasounds as well as a financial commitment form from your medical insurer,

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