“We’re Producing Children Here”

Last Friday, over 250 pregnant women and their partners came to a Pregnancy and Childbirth Fair at the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center, and enjoyed a morning with a delicious breakfast, massages, fascinating enrichment lectures, and more. We’re producing children here – and it’s fun!

There’s nothing like starting a Friday morning with a tasty breakfast and a massage for those feet that bear the weight of a body in advanced pregnancy, by alternative medicine therapists from Hillel Yaffe’s Alternative Medicine Clinic. That is what was waiting for around 250 pregnant women and their partners, who gathered in Hillel Yaffe’s conference hall. As well as being pampered, the participants also enjoyed lectures about pregnancy and birth from the Maternity Division’s team of specialists, as well as plenty of tips and advice regarding their pregnancy and upcoming birth. During the fair, organized with the help of Shirley Regev and Nicole Yashar, the attendees enjoyed some pleasant surprises including exhibition booths to complete the happy atmosphere.


A Q&A panel was held at the end of the day, with Hillel Yaffe experts answering questions regarding pregnancy and childbirth, gifts for the women, with the main thing being their wishes for everyone there to have as easy a childbirth experience as possible.


Participants in Hillel Yaffe’s Pregnancy and Childbirth Fair

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