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“Opening Your Heart”

Over 1,800 patients annually require hospitalization at the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center following a heart attack. The hospital management together with the Friends of Hillel Yaffe Medical Center have begun a special project to raise money to establish a new Intensive Coronary Care Unit

Ron Hauer from Karkur never thought he would find himself hospitalized one day in the Intensive Coronary Care Unit at the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center. On Friday afternoon, while relaxing in his living room, he felt terrible and collapsed. He was brought to Hillel Yaffe, where he was catheterized by Prof. Simcha Meisel, Director of Cardiac Intensive Care (ICCU), who diagnosed a complete blockage in the main artery. Ron is a fitness coach and the owner of a running club. He has been participating in marathons since 2005 and always carried out all the required tests, while making sure to lead a healthy lifestyle and eat a healthy diet.


Muhammad Hassadya, a resident of Fureidis, also arrived at the hospital after having had a heart attack. He was brought quickly to the Cardiac Catheterization Room, where he was catheterized by Prof. Ariel Roguin, Director of the Cardiac Division, who diagnosed a 95% blockage in the main artery, which meant it needed opening up with a balloon and placement of a stent.


“These two cases are typical of cases we see daily. Each year over 1,800 people come to us following a heart attack – both women and men, young and old, physically active and those who don’t exercise,” notes Prof. Roguin.


The Cardiac Division includes the Catheterization Unit, Cardiac Intensive Care, the Noninvasive Cardiology Unit, the Electrophysiology Unit, and the consultation clinics. “This is one of the major and most important divisions in the hospital. We have an excellent medical and nursing staff, but, unfortunately, the department is old and crowded and does not fit the modern standards we strive to meet,” explains Dr. Roguin.


Prof. Ariel Roguin, Director of the Hillel Yaffe Cardiac Division


Today the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit occupies only approximately 200 square meters. A few months ago, a new and modern cardiac catheterization area was dedicated, including state of the art medical equipment and devices, and it is considered the most advanced in its field in Israel. However, the Intensive Coronary Care Unit has remained in the same form for the past 40 years, even though it has repeatedly been refurbished.


“To offer the very best and highest quality care, we need to renovate the unit accordingly. At the moment, patients lie next to each other, in one large area which is not divided into separate rooms – and this leaves the patients without the privacy they need,” notes the Director of the Intensive Coronary Care Unit, Prof. Simcha Meisel. This need is well-known and has been agreed to by the hospital management, which has prepared a comprehensive future plan which includes expanding the department’s area to around 600 square meters – three times its current size – which will enable high-quality treatment to the very highest standards for the patients”.


Director of Hillel Yaffe Medical Center Dr. Mickey Dudkiewicz: “We have created an organized program for the establishment of a new and modern Intensive Coronary Care Unit, to the very highest standards, for the benefit of the patients. The cost of the entire project is estimated to be around NIS 17 million, of which we need to raise approximately NIS 10 million, and the Ministry of Health will pay the difference”. As it has for many other projects, the Friends of Hillel Yaffe Medical Center has harnessed itself to benefit this project, and initiated a special broadcasting day on Radio 90 FM for fundraising.


The Hillel Yaffe Cardiac Division is close to the heart of the chairman of the NPO, Moshe Morag: “Around 15 years ago, when I began my fitness training at the local country club, I felt terrible, I lost consciousness and after a while found myself in an ambulance, attached to medical devices, on my way to the hospital, straight to the Catheterization Room. There these wonderful doctors were waiting for me and saved my life. Four years ago, it was suggested to me to found the Friends of Hillel Yaffe Medical Center and head it, and I immediately agreed. This is how I can show my gratitude to the hospital. I welcome the decision to establish a new Intensive Coronary Care Unit for the benefit of all the residents of the region”.


The special broadcasting day on Radio 90 FM will be held on Tuesday, December 15, 2020, and will be dedicated to raising funds for the establishment of the new and modern Intensive Coronary Care Unit. To make your donation, please call *3577






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