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Voting booths were set up at the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center to enable hospitalized patients to vote, including those in the special coronavirus (COVID-19) departments

The first to vote in the Infectious Diseases A Department was 73-year-old Yuri Tkachenko from Hadera, who had then been hospitalized in the department for 10 days. He was accompanied to the voting booth by the staff. The staff of the designated voting booth wore protective clothing, as required. Next to vote was Jalal Masarwa, aged 45, from Ar’ara, who also merited realizing his democratic right, despite his hospitalization.


Department Director, Dr. Tatyana Michaelov: “I am very happy that the patients hospitalized here also have the opportunity to exercise this important democratic obligation. The logistics for this are extremely complicated, and chapeau to the hospital staff who enlisted in this important mission.”


The person responsible for the voting booths in the hospital on behalf of the hospital, Alex Greenman, said: “Three voting booths were set up at Hillel Yaffe, one serves as a mobile voting booth within the two coronavirus departments, and two additional booths are for the patients and hospital employees who are unable to vote due to their work.”


Jalal Masarwa votes in the protected voting booth in the Infectious Diseases A Department

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