Ministry of Health Report: Hillel Yaffe – far fewer infections

A report published by the Ministry of Health, providing data regarding the frequency of life-threatening bacteria in the hospital departments, proved that Hillel Yaffe – despite 2020 having been one of its most difficult and complicated years ever – had met the challenge, with outstanding performance in the coronavirus departments too

In the report, which examined all the hospitals in Israel, among the group of medium-sized hospitals Hillel Yaffe was found to have a relatively low number of infectious bacteria in the general hospitalization departments, and was positioned at the bottom of the table, for positive reasons.


Another also recently published report shows impressive data regarding the presence of life-threatening bacteria in the coronavirus departments. Hillel Yaffe Medical Center achieved the best figures, meaning the very lowest number of infections out of all the hospitals in Israel. This indicates a particularly high level of hygiene, and good adherence to the rules of handwashing and protection – which benefits, of course, both patients and staff.



Hillel Yaffe: Protective equipment and hygiene led to impressive achievements in preventing infections


Director of the Infectious Diseases Unit at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center, Dr. Michal Stein: “Maintaining the prevention of infection with various bacteria, particularly those with high resistance in the coronavirus (COVID-19) department, is essential just as it is in other departments. But keeping the rules of bacteria prevention is doubly hard due to the need for cumbersome protective equipment, meaning that the achievement in the coronavirus department in preventing infection is exceptionally praiseworthy.”


Director of the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center Dr. Mickey Dudkiewicz said: “2020 was particularly challenging to our staff regarding everything connected with meeting guidelines for preventing infections, alongside battling a new and unfamiliar epidemic. The antibiotics-resistant bacteria continue to exist and threaten the patients. I am delighted that our staff teams knew how to successfully cope with these two challenges to preserve our patients’ health.”

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