The National Award for Quality and Excellence in the Public Sector: to Dr. Amnon Ben Moshe, Administrative Director of Hillel Yaffe

This is the highest and most prestigious award for those working in the public sector, awarded by the Civil Service Commission. Among the reasons for the recommendation: He has left its mark on all areas of activity, which led and leads to constant improvement in the hospital’s functioning

The committee for selection of the recipients of the National Awards for Quality and Excellence in the Public Sector at the Civil Service Commission, chose the Administrative Director of the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center, Dr. Amnon Ben Moshe to receive the prize. The National Awards for Quality and Excellence in the Public Sector are awarded to veteran employees in the public sector who made a significant and unique contribution, as determined by the designated committee which decided on the prize.


Dr. Ben Moshe who lives in Pardes Hanna-Karkur, has served in his role at the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center since 1989, and he is one of the most veteran and respected managers in the health system. The role of the administrative director at the hospital is one which projects onto all the medical, nursing, health professions, and household and administration activity at the hospital. The hospital cannot exist if the entire administrative activity does not function in the best possible way, and this is under the jurisdiction of Dr. Ben Moshe.


Dr. Amnon Ben Moshe, recipient of the National Awards for Quality and Excellence in the Public Sector


Within the framework of his position, Dr. Ben Moshe has already been awarded prizes of excellence and prestige several times, but this, undoubtedly, is the highest of all. Recommendations regarding Dr. Amnon Ben Moshe’s amazing functioning and excellence were sent by the Director of the Medical Center, Dr. Mickey Dudkiewicz, the Director of the Hospitals Division, Dr. Erez Onn, and Director General of the Ministry of Health, Prof. Hezi Levi, and were brought before the selection committee in the Civil Service Commission.


From the recommendations to receive the prize: “Dr. Amnon Ben Moshe, with his personality, characteristics, abilities, and professional skills, is outstanding in fulfilling his role and has served as a model for both the hospital employees and his fellow administrative directors, over many years. With his very personality and his excellence as a person and professional, Dr. Ben Moshe’s status in the hospital administrative hierarchy is that of Deputy Director of the Medical Center. He has left his mark in all the areas of Household and Administration, in a way which has led and leads to a constant improvement in the hospital’s performance, while making the best possible use of resources in conditions of an economy of lack and the budgetary limitations, as against constantly increasing needs and complex and intricate activity.”

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