The Hungarian Ambassador at Hillel Yaffe

Ambassador Levente Benkő came to the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center for an official visit to discuss cooperative enterprises in innovation, research, and academia

During the meeting, the ambassador and his entourage learned about the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center’s extensive activity regarding innovation, research, and academia as well as the long-term cooperative enterprises with university medical schools in Hungary.


The ambassador expressed the wish to create further cooperative ventures regarding studies on COVID-19 and innovation, as well as awarding scholarships in health professions and exchanges of students with hospitals in Hungary.


Also present, aside from the ambassador, were Mr. András Litauszki, Foreign Economic Attaché at the Embassy of Hungary, and the Science and Technology Attaché, Mr. Szabolcs Szolnoki, along with Director of Hillel Yaffe Medical Center, Dr. Mickey Dudkiewicz, his deputy, Dr. Dikla Dahan Shriki, Head of the Gynecology and Obstetrics Department and Residency Committee Chairperson, Prof. Motti Hallak, as well as the person responsible for overseas students, Dr. Amit Hochberg, a senior physician in the Newborn and Neonatal Care Department.


Dr. Mickey Dudkiewicz: “It was an extremely successful meeting, in which important possibilities for cooperative ventures were raised regarding teaching students of medicine, nursing, and other professions, and areas of research and innovation which will inspire and advance both sides. The potential is enormous and we will work to advance and realize such potential.” 


From right to left: Mr. András Litauszki, Dr. Mickey Dudkiewicz, Ambassador Levente Benkő, Dr. Amit Hochberg, Mr. Szabolcs Szolnoki, Prof. Motti Hallak, and Dr. Dikla Dahan Shriki.

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