Let’s Be Happy – Nursing Day celebrations at Hillel Yaffe

This year was not a simple one for the nursing staff at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center. Accordingly, the Nursing Day celebrations last week served to demonstrate especial esteem and provide an especially joyous interlude. Director of Nursing, Ms. Dina Fainblat: “Our staff deserves great commendation”

This year’s Nursing Day was celebrated around the theme of Heroes and Heroines, and as a great tribute. The past year was particularly challenging and complex for the nursing staff during the battle against coronavirus (COVID-19). In light of all this, the nursing management at the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center together with the Nurses Committee saw as correct to organize an impressive production all about releasing stress and pampering the hospital’s nurses. Many people and organizations harnessed themselves voluntarily and with donations to the task. The person responsible for raising most of the donations was Shlomit Dehan, a former patient, who made every effort to help to show her thanks for the devoted care which she received.


Dancing the Hora in the open air – Nursing Day at Hillel Yaffe


The day itself began with a lavish breakfast and each nurse being presented with a red rose. Singer, Nadav Kakon, presided over the music, which delighted the audience. Afterwards a Zumba class was held with Anna Forman, a Zumba instructor from Hadera, and there was dancing with Yaron Carmel. Once the audience had warmed up, they were welcomed by Director of Hillel Yaffe Medical Center, Dr. Mickey Dudkiewicz, Administrative Director, Dr. Amnon Ben Moshe, Director of Nursing, Mrs. Dina Fainblat, Head Nurse of the General Intensive Care Unit, and Chairperson of the Nurses Committee, Mrs. Pnina Biton, as well as the Secretary of the Professional Union at the Histadrut, Adv. Hadar Savage-Mesika. All the speakers were unanimous regarding the endless, devoted work of the nursing staff and expressed great pride regarding their uncompromising functioning all year long. The greetings closed with a message from Shlomit Dahan, who greatly moved the audience with her unique personal story.


Later in the day, a celebratory luncheon was held for the staff, and sales booths were set up. There was also a fashion show held at the entrance to the hospitalization building, for the benefit of both visitors and patients at the hospital.


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