“Here we do kangaroo care, and have fun”

This week, the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center Neonatal Care Department celebrated the Kangaroo Challenge, designed to heighten awareness of parents and the attending staff to a special method that encourages skin-to-skin contact between the preterm baby and parents

This week the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center NICU celebrated the Kangaroo Challenge. “Kangaroo care is a method which promotes skin-to-skin contact between the tiny preemie and his parents. In fact, it is a natural method of care that helps encourage nonmedical contact in order to make the stark transition from the warm womb to the supportive, yet clinical, environment of the NICU. The method is famous for its many health, physical, and emotional benefits, to both the preemie and his parents,” explained the Head Nurse in the Hillel Yaffe Neonatal Care Department, Ms. Yasmin Peretz.


There were increased trainings for the staff this week in how to use the method, explanatory materials were distributed, and there was even a weekly marathon for parents which included noting the total number of hours during which kangaroo care was used this week. Likewise, there was a session with a psychotherapist on the topic of “The maternal-infant unit and energetic echo,” which ended with meditation for relaxation and breathing exercises accompanied by meditation music. It was certainly fruitful and joyous!


The Hillel Yaffe NICU staff celebrating Kangaroo Care Week

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