Volunteers sought for the “Accompanying Recovery” initiative

Accompanying Recovery is an initiative run by the Friends of Hillel Yaffe Medical Center, with the goal of improving the emotional and physical well-being of the patients during their hospitalization. The volunteers receive preparation, guidance, and professional supervision

The Friends of Hillel Yaffe Medical Center, together with the Medical Center, operate a system of volunteers as part of the Accompanying Recovery project, with the aim of improving the emotional and physical well-being of the patients, as well as reducing the negative repercussions of hospitalization.


The role of the Accompanying Recovery volunteer is to approach the patient who was admitted to the department and thoroughly investigate various needs which the staff perhaps missed. It might be an administrative issue such as prayer times in the synagogue, or if vegetarian meals are available, or a question regarding a clinical issue such as, “Who can explain to me when rehabilitation begins?”, or even a lighthearted conversation to dissipate tension.


The volunteer works together with the department staff, so that when the staff spot a patient who needs help, they can ask the volunteer to speak to them. Likewise, if the Accompanying Recovery volunteer identifies a particular patient need, they inform the staff so that they can provide a professional solution.


The volunteers meet the patients in the department and provide them with a support bubble in two areas:

  • Orientation for the hospital system including its regulations and rules, the work of the medical staff, including physical presence in the hospital and information regarding unfulfilled physical needs.
  • Emotional inclusion, and support for the emotional and physical needs of the patient and their family.

The service is expected to include the patient’s needs and mediating back to the department, thereby reducing emotional and physical difficulties.


The volunteers receive preparation, guidance, and professional supervision, during their volunteering activity.


To join the Accompanying Recovery volunteers, please contact the following:


Naava Clements – Project coordinator 050-6225254


Daniela Akev – Director of the Hillel Yaffe volunteers 04-7744112 or e-mail danielaA@hy.health.gov.il


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