New: Program to improve the quality of internships

The goal of the program, named HYPE (an acronym of Hillel Yaffe Program of Excellence), is to improve doctors’ efforts for the interns at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center

Last week, the Department Coordinators of Interns Forum met for the first time at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center – this is a program where doctors from various departments meet together to discuss how to make the most of the internship period at the hospital, and are given training in the field of medical leadership.


Dr. Limor Goldenberg, specialist in Internal Medicine B, whose internship and residency periods were at Hillel Yaffe, directs the program. The project will advance multidisciplinary activities among the interns, residents, and young specialists. The participants are doctors from the core departments in the hospital – where all the interns spend time during their internship period: Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, the Intensive Care Unit, Anesthesia, and Surgery. During the program the doctors will acquire tools in management and training, and the interns will enjoy the results of the activities, which are designed to improve the quality of the internship year.


“It was inspiring to meet the representatives of the doctors from the internship core departments and hear about their internship experience and the challenges they face during this period, from their perspective,” notes Dr. Limor Goldenberg. “Ideas already began to be raised during the ‘getting to know each other’ stage, and partnerships were formed. I would like to thank the Medical Center management and all those involved in the program, for the initiative and the support for it.”


The first meeting of the HYPE program at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center

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