Coronavirus (COVID-19) department reopens

In light of the steady climb in the number of patients hospitalized as a result of coronavirus, the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center has reopened the designated department for those infected with the virus on a full scale

So far, the coronavirus patients have been hospitalized in a separate unit in the Internal Medicine department. This unit will continue to operate if needed for the benefit of coronavirus patients. The new department will be led by professional teams who have been recruited from the Internal Medicine Department, General Intensive Care Unit, and Intensive Coronary Care Unit – as in the past.


Director of Hillel Yaffe Medical Center Dr. Mickey Dudkiewicz: “The vital need right now to operate again an additional full-scale department, means an added burden on the Internal Medicine Department and the General and Coronary Intensive Care units. We have done and we will do everything to help every patient who comes here, but it is important to understand that the past year was particularly difficult and led to burnout. In light of the fact that coronavirus is here to stay, I think the time has come to internalize that it is a complex illness requiring comprehensive care, and the teams in the Internal Medicine departments on who we rely need to be immediately increased, by adding designated positions and budget. For us, this is an additional internal medicine department which also includes intensive care beds, meaning people willing to work, devotion, and goodwill are not enough and we need to add the necessary resources.”


Reopened. The Coronavirus Department at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center

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