Cardiology & ICCU Department


Management Unit Director: Prof. Ariel Roguin

Head Nurse: Ms. Rinat Malka

Deputy Head Nurse: Ms. Irena Frenkel

Deputy Head Nurse: Mr. Saliman Hater

Head Nurse of Invasive Cardiology: Mr. Nizar Anabusi

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Senior Physicians:

Assistant Prof. Aaron Frimmerman – Director of Catheterization Unit

Dr. Aya Asif – Director of Non-invasive Cardiology

Dr. Guy Rozen – Director of the Electrophysiology Unit

Dr. Maggie Barel – Acting Director, Cardiac Intensive Care (ICCU)

Prof. Michael Kleiner Shochat – Head of Heart Failure Clinic

Dr. Mark Kazatsker – Head of Electrophysiology, Pacemaker & Arrhythmias Service

Dr. Merav Tzuker Toledano – Director of Pediatric Cardiology

Dr. Hazem Samara – Head of Cardiac CT

Dr. Jamil Mohsen – Head of Cardio-Oncology

Dr. Adam Zeidan – Head of Cardiac Rehabilitation

Dr. Yaniv Levi – Senior Physician

Dr. Rami Abu Pane – Senior Physician

Dr. Gilad Margolis – Senior Physician

Assistant Clinical Prof. David Blondheim

Dr. Majdi Saada

Dr. Ofer Kobo



Dr. Carmel Aviad

Dr. Nashad Hamouda

Dr. Maged Zahalka

Dr. Adib Abu Aqil



Ms. Shoshi Yifrah – Secretary to the Director of the Cardiac Division

Ms. Adi Shimoni – Secretary for Electrophysiology

Ms. Meital Levi – Secretary of the Cardiac Catheterization and Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit

Ms. Ronit Avnon – Secretary of Electrocardiography Clinic  


Professional Staff:

Ms. Liat Lustig, Social Worker

Mr. Oren Igal, Medical Psychologist

Ms. Naama Amsalem, Clinical study coordinator and person responsible for cardiological purchasing

Ms. Tatiana Schneider, Medical Technologist, Cardiac Catheterization Room

Ms. Natalia Gelman, Medical Technologist, Pacemaker Service

Ms. Devora Malal, Head Technologist, Electrophysiology and Electrical Mapping

Ms. Mina Grushka, Medical Technologist – Head of Electrocardiography

Ms. Naomi Naumov, Medical Technologist – Electrocardiography

Ms. Anat Smirnoff, Medical Technologist – Electrocardiography



Mr. Tamir Atira

Mr. Samir Sliman

Mr. Hani Hadad

Ms. Diana Cohen


Research Unit:

Ms. Ilana Alony, Research Unit Director

Ms. Yeini Albar, Clinical Study Coordinator

Ms. Esti Sadan, Clinical Study Coordinator

Ms. Hadil Malcham, Clinical Study Coordinator

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The Department includes several units:


Cardiac Intensive Care (ICCU)

Unit Director: Prof. Simcha Meisel

The unit offers treatment for acute heart attacks and heart failure. Likewise, the unit also treats patients with heart arrhythmia. Treatment includes an initial cardiac catheterization and optimal medication. Treatment in the unit is at a very high standard and includes knowledge, skill and compassionate care when caring for the patient, thanks to the experienced nursing and medical staff.


The Invasive Cardiology Unit

Unit Director: Assistant Prof. Aaron Frimmerman

The hospital has two of the most sophisticated cardiac catheterization rooms in the world, characterized by high-quality angiography with extremely low level radiation. Both diagnostic and therapeutic cardiac catheterizations are carried out in the unit, using state of the art catheters and stenting. In addition, the unit uses advanced imaging means and innovative techniques, such as intra-vascular ultrasound.


Electrophysiology Unit

Unit Director: Dr. Eran Leshem

Head of Pacemaker Service: Dr. Mark Kazatsker

At Hillel Yaffe Medical Center, expert electrophysiologists treat patients with all types of conditions that cause abnormal heartbeats, from various atrial arrhythmias to ventricular tachycardia.

Read More about Electrophysiology Unit >>


Noninvasive Cardiology Unit

Unit Director: Dr. Aya Asif


The following tests are carried out in the unit: 

  1. Echo Doppler Test – An echocardiogram that shows the structure and functioning of the heart and valves, as well as blood flow in the heart, enabling an assessment of pressure in the cavities. 
  2. Transesophageal Echocardiogram (TEE) – The same display can be shown with a transesophageal echocardiogram, with the patient swallowing the transducer. This test enables an accurate examination of the posterior sections of the heart. 
  3. Stress Echo – The purpose of this test is to detect disruptions of blood flow to the heart muscle during stress. Patients are tested three times– the first when they are lying down and resting, the second when they are lying down immediately after having exercised on a treadmill, and the third after having rested again. A comparison of movements in the various areas of the heart under stress vs. resting enables doctors to identify areas that are not receiving a sufficient supply of blood to perform the required effort. 
  4. Dobutamine Echo – The purpose of this test is to detect disruptions of blood flow to the heart muscle, but instead of creating stress on a treadmill, the patient receives an infusion of dobutamine. This drug puts the heart under stress, even though the patient is resting. This test is suitable in the main for patients who are unable to use a treadmill. 
  5. Cardiac Stress Test (Ergometric Stress Test) – Involves patients walking on a treadmill while their heart and blood pressure are monitored with an ECG. The treadmill movement and incline are automatically increased every three minutes until the patient's pulse reaches the target pulse set by the doctor. This method detects electrical signals that indicate that the heart muscle is not receiving sufficient oxygen during exercise.

All tests can be performed after a referral from any HMO, together with payment authorization from your health fund (Tofes 17), for appointments: 04-774-4488.

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Outpatient Clinics

Clinical Cardiology Clinic

The Cardiology Clinic advises regarding a range of cardiological fields.


Post PCI Clinic

Follow-up for patients who underwent an invasive procedure and patients waiting for decisions regarding further treatment.


Pacemaker/ ICD Follow-Up

Follow-up for patients who have had various types of pacemakers implanted. Checking the pacemakers and their characteristics are appropriate for the patient’s situation.

Open: Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


Arrhythmia Clinic

Clarification of various types of arrhythmia.

Follow-up for patients who received treatment in the past.

24-hour Holter monitoring available.

More about the clinic >>


Heart Failure Clinic

The clinic treats all areas of heart failure, including outpatient treatment.


Combined Clinic – Pregnant women with heart problems

Headed by Dr. Adham Zidan and Prof. Motti Hallak, Director of the Gynecology and Obstetrics Department.

The Clinic advises women with cardiac problems before pregnancy, from both the obstetric and cardiac aspects. The Clinic provides follow-up and treatment during the pregnancy for women with pre-existing heart disease or diseases diagnosed during the pregnancy. After childbirth, the Clinic carries out follow-up checks, providing appropriate treatment and follow-up prior to an additional pregnancy.

For additional information about the service, click here >> 



Clinic Director: Dr. Jamil Mohsen

A combined clinic created to respond to oncology patients with previous heart issues or problems that have arisen during or after the oncological disease, due to complications from treatment or in parallel.

For additional information about the service, click here >> 


Syncope Clinic

Headed by Dr. Yaron River, from the Neurology Department, and Dr. Mark Kazatsker.

The Clinic provides a total solution for those suffering from syncope (fainting). The Clinic has specialists from the fields of neurology, cardiology, vascular medicine, and ENT, enabling fast and effective diagnosis and treatment.

For additional information about the service, click here >>


Fetal Electrocardiography Clinic

Headed by Dr. Iass Kassem, Deputy Director of the Pediatrics Department, and a pediatric cardiology specialist.

Fetal echocardiography is an ultrasound of the fetus' heart. It is an external exam, performed on women in the second trimester of their pregnancy, if the gynecologist monitoring their pregnancy requests it in accordance with the criteria defined by the Ministry of Health.

For additional information about the service, click here >>





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Useful information

Number of beds:

10 Cardiac Intensive Care (ICCU) beds

2 Outpatient beds



Main building, First floor


Telephone numbers:

Main Secretariat 04-774-4656

Fax 04-774-4422

Cardiac Catheterization/ Electrophysiology Secretariat 04-774-4472

Cardiac Catheterization/ EP Fax 04-774-4354

Cardiac Intensive Care Unit 04-774-4419, 04-774-4470

Noninvasive Cardiology Unit 04-774-4488

Outpatient Clinics 04-774-4458

Pediatric Cardiology Clinic 04-774-4458

Head Nurse, Cardiology & ICCU Department 04-774-4502

Head Nurse, Cardiac Catheterization Room 04-774-4472

Head Nurse. Cardiac Intensive Care (ICCU) 04-774-4470




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