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The Orthopedics A Department


Department Director and Spine Surgeon: Dr. Eyal Behrbalk

Deputy Department Director and Shoulder and Elbow Surgeon: Dr. Ofir Uri

Head Nurse: Ms. Galina Shmilov

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Director of the Shoulder and Elbow Surgery Unit: Dr. Gil Laufer

Director of the Orthopedic Oncology Unit: Prof. Jacob Bickels


Senior Physicians, Hand Surgery Unit:  Dr. Yaron Sela, Dr. Boaz Granot


Senior Physicians, Spinal Surgery Unit:

Dr. Liad Haimovich

Dr. Andy Wald Alexandro Weiner

Dr. Amit Keren



Dr. Yaniv Steinfeld

Dr. Nuradin Kabhha

Dr. Rowan Masrua

Dr. Asad Raed

Dr. Haitham Masarwa

Dr. Moshe Yonatan Gerzulin

Dr. Oren Barash



Senior Department Secretary, Head of Hand Surgery Unit: Ms. Malka Ling
Department Secretary, Office Manager for Department Director and Head of Spinal Surgery and Shoulder and Elbow Surgery: Ms. Rana Buhbut
Department Secretary, Head of Surgical Oncology: Ms. Michal Biran

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The department provides service in most areas of urgent and elective orthopedic surgery.


Surgeries in a diverse range of fields are performed in the department: Spinal surgery, shoulder and elbow surgery, including surgery due to trauma to the upper body, hand surgery and orthopedic oncology.


Spinal surgery

The surgeries are coordinated by Dr. Eyal Behrbalk.

The surgeries include bone fixations, herniated disc removal, spinal stenosis decompression, fixation of degenerative disc spaces and treatment of infections and tumors.


Hand and elbow surgeries

The surgeries are performed by Dr. Gil Laufer - following a fellowship at Queen’s Medical Center in England, and Dr. Ofir Uri, following a fellowship at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore, England.

The surgeries include: 

  • Regular and reverse shoulder replacement 
  • Total or partial elbow joint replacement 
  • Surgical arthroscopy, ligament restoration, joint stabilization 
  • Treatment of the entire range of injuries following shoulder and elbow trauma, fractures, dislocations, etc.

Hand and elbow surgeries

The surgeries are performed by Dr. Boaz Granot, following specialization in hand surgery at Tel Aviv Medical Center (Ichilov) and Dr. Yaron Sela - a graduate of Sheba Hospital in orthopedics, fellowship at Pittsburgh Medical Center for upper body surgeries. 

  • Treatment of fractures, injuries of tendons and nerves in the upper body - elbow and hand
  • Treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome and syndromes related to pressure on other nerves
  • Release of trigger finger, treatment of impingement syndromes and syndromes with inflammation of the tendons. 
  • Treatment of injuries to ligaments and sports injuries of the hand, elbow and shoulder. 
  • Arthroscopies of the shoulder, elbow, palm and thumb. 
  • Surgical and nonsurgical treatment of osteoarthritis and arthritis of the hand / elbow / shoulder, including immobilization and joint replacement.
  • All congenital and acquired problems of the upper body in children. 
  • Microsurgery of the upper body and more.

Orthopedic oncology

The surgeries are performed as part of the Orthopedics Division by Prof. Jacob Bickels, a specialist in orthopedic surgery and orthopedic oncology (Washington, USA), editor and author of three editions of the textbook for orthopedic oncology.


For diagnosis and to schedule an appointment, call: 04-7744539 or e-mail



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Useful information

Number of Beds: 30



Hospital Building B, Third floor 

Telephone Numbers:








Consult with a Senior Physician / Department Director:

Department physicians will be available for medical consults with you and your family on Sundays –Thursdays between 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.

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