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Internal Medicine C


Department Director: Dr. Ronit Rachmilevitch

Deputy Department Director, Advisor regarding Infectious Diseases and Director of the HIV Services: Dr. Vallery Istumin

Head Nurse: Ms. Rina Avlevitch

Deputy Head Nurse: Ms. Marina Eismann


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Senior Physicians:

Dr. Tatyana Michaelov



Dr. Alexander Bochkaryov

Dr. Aharon Shlaver

Dr. Andrei Svetlichny

Dr. Fadi Muhsan

Dr. Mahmoud Masalha

Dr. Saqr Hadr

Dr. Chakim Abad ElSheikh

Dr. Lev Vishnevski

Dr. Louis Amash

Dr. Ibrahim Fayyad

Dr. Zain Ashraf Zaid Zubaidat


Social worker:

Ms. Efker Biadsi



Ms. Sima Hayat

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The Department specializes in general internal medicine, and 3,800 patients a year are hospitalized in it. Most of the patients are admitted urgently from the Emergency Room. A small number are referred from the clinics or by direct referral from the attending physician at the HMO.


The nursing staff is made up of 31 nurses with academic degrees. The department also includes a social worker, dietitian and physical therapist on its roaster.


The Department is in constant contact with the representatives of the HMOs at the hospital, family physicians and doctors in local nursing homes.


The Department also operates an internal medicine and HIV service.


Sensitivity and Professionalism

The entire medical, nursing and administrative staff firmly believes in providing patients and their families with the best possible service, and does its best to treat patients with patience and tolerance, caring, sensitivity and professionalism. Patients hospitalized in the Department suffer from a wide range of acute and chronic internal diseases, including heart disease, lung disease, kidney diseases, digestive and urinary tract diseases, circulatory diseases, cancer as well as endocrine, metabolic, rheumatologic and infectious diseases that require specific but long-term treatment, including tuberculosis and AIDS. In this department, adult patients suffering from numerous diseases who require treatment whenever their condition worsens lie next to young patients who require brief treatment for acute, but temporary illnesses. Our patient population is diverse: people who speak foreign languages, native-born Israelis and immigrants from around the world, Jews, Muslims, Christians and a variety of professionals, all with different customs and habits.


The Department is Recognized as a Specialty Training Program in Internal Medicine

Since opening in 1994, the Department has been recognized as a specialty training program in internal medicine. The Department is affiliated with the Technion's Rappaport Faculty of Medicine in Haifa and with the Pat Matthews Academic School of Nursing at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center.


The Department provides students from the Technion’s Rappaport Faculty of Medicine with clinical clerkships and a mini residency. It further provides instruction to nursing school students. The Department also provides regular instruction and studies, including internal clinical discussions that are frequently attended by specialist consultants from other departments in the hospital and from other hospitals.

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Senior Staff

Dr. Ronit Rachmilevich – Department Director. Specialist in internal medicine. Dr. Rachmilevich served as Deputy Department Director from the time the Department opened in 1994, until appointed director of the Department in 2007.


Dr. Vallery Istumin – Deputy Department Director, specialist in internal medicine. Dr. Istumin has been a senior physician in the Department since 2000, and has served as Deputy Department Director since 2007. In addition to her work in internal medicine, Dr. Istumin serves as the director of the hospital's HIV service.

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Useful information

Number of Beds:

36 in-patient beds in 17 rooms

Six rooms are designated for two patients and the remaining 10 rooms are designated for 3-4 patients.

The Department also operates an ICU room for three patients.



Main Building, 2th floor


Telephone Numbers:

Nurses' Desk - 04-7744678-9

Doctors' Room - 04-7744546

Head Nurse - 04-7744677

Department Secretary - 04-7744547



Fax: 04-7748384



Dr. Ronit Rachmilevich - Department Director


Dr. Valery Istumin – Deputy Director, HIV Service Director


Ms. Noga Regev - Secretary


Ms. Galit Haran - Head Nurse






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Internal Medicine Clinic

The clinic monitors patients following hospitalization in the Department or in other hospital departments and also serves as a consulting clinic for patients referred by their HMO doctor.

The clinic, located in the Outpatient Clinic Building, operates on Tuesdays between 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Only patients referred by the Department's specialists - Dr. Rachmilevich, Dr. Istumin and Dr. Feder


HIV Service

The service is managed by Dr. Valery Istumin.

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