The Vascular Surgery Unit


Department Director: Dr. Eitan Haldenberg

Head Nurse: Irena Zakinov

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Senior Physicians:

Dr. Erez Sion



Dr. Dimitri Vinogretzki
Dr. Tsachi Aiser



Ms. Shoshi Yifrach

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The Vascular Surgery Unit performs surgeries to treat a range of problems, specifically diabetes patients with acute ischemia in the legs, distal bypass surgery (in the shins and feet) and carotid surgery, including on vertebral arteries.


Vascular surgeons also perform surgeries to create and repair fistulas for hemodialysis – a procedure that removes waste material or toxins from the blood of patients suffering from kidney failure) for The Institute of Nephrology, Dialysis and Hypertension (Nephrology – kidney diseases treated with drugs or dialysis).


The Unit also operates a clinic for non-invasive vascular examinations in which Doppler and blood pressure measurements are performed to diagnose and evaluate blood flow to the limbs. The other invasive and non-invasive tests, including endovascular treatments (expansions and insertion of stents), are performed in the Department of Imaging and Radiology in conjunction with the Unit.

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Useful information

Number of Beds: 12



3rd Floor, Surgery A


Telephone Numbers:

Department - 04-7744429/30

Doctors' Room - 04-7744531

Clinic for non-invasive vascular examinations - 04-7744728



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