Childbirth Education Class in a Homey, Calm and Pleasant Setting

The Maternity Wing staff invites you and your partner to prepare for the birth experience as a wonderful, empowering moment in your lives and one you will always remember. 


Childbirth marks the end of pregnancy, an emotional time filled with expectations as well as fears and questions. This moment also marks the beginning of a new life – that of your child and your own. The Maternity Division staff welcomes you and your partner to prepare for birth as a wonderful and empowering experience in a homey, pleasant setting. During this childbirth class, conducted in a homey environment, we provide most of the content and answers so that you will always remember your child's birth as a joyful experience.  


During the class, we will tour the maternity wing, learn the differences between natural childbirth and conventional childbirth, what pregnancies requiring medical intervention are and under what circumstances caesarean sections are performed. We will learn what methods are available to alleviate pain, what the partner's role is during labor and how he can help and support you. We will also find out what can be expected in the immediate period after birth, how to care for your newborn and what the rules are for proper and easy nursing.  


Due to renovations of the Maternity Ward and for the welfare of the new mothers, no tours of the delivery rooms will be conducted until the renovations are complete.  


For additional questions and to register – please contact Tel.: 04-7744771


Additional information: Gynecology, Maternity and Fertility Department  


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