Mohs surgery for removing malignant facial tumors

Cancerous facial tumors are very common, and occur due to large amounts of exposure to the sun. Hillel Yaffe Medical Center offers removal of these tumors with Mohs surgery, allowing minimal excision of healthy tissue around the tumor, and a more precise and aesthetic result. The Mohs surgical technique is designed to remove cancerous skin tumors, particularly BCC and SCC forms, recurring tumors, and tumors which have clinical borders which are difficult to define. The technique primarily focus on places which are important to restore (eyelids, nose, lips, outer ears, etc.).


The service is offered to everyone who is determined to be suited for the method. Appointments require a referral from a dermatologist or plastic surgeon (and in some cases also a referral by the family physician), as well as a financial commitment form from the medical insurer (health fund).


To make an appointment, please send the referral and accompanying forms to fax 04-7744885

Or email:


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