While You Are Hospitalized

This information will help you during your stay at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center. 

Obtaining Medical Information from the Department Staff

The department director and medical staff are available to you and your family every day to provide up-to-date medical information. The attending staff wears ID tags on hospital grounds. The consultation hours during which you can receive the information are listed in each hospital department.


Money and Valuables

Jewelry and valuables should be left at home. Do not leave jewelry, valuables or money in the department during your stay. HYMC is not responsible for any valuables found in the departments. If you do bring jewelry and valuables with you, please deposit them in the HYMC safe, located in the admissions office.



According to the Prevention of Smoking and Exposure to Smoking in Public Places Act 5744 – 1983, smoking in hospital departments and on medical center grounds is strictly prohibited, except in specially designated smoking areas. Smoking areas are located in each department and are appropriately marked.


Call Button

Beside every bed is a button to push if you need to call the nurse. Please check whether this button is working when assigned to your bed.



HYMC offers a daily personal menu in the afternoons, based on your selection. You can order a main meal every day from the menu that you can obtain from the nurses, except if you require a special diet or if you are fasting prior to a test or surgery. For your convenience, you can view a copy of the menu.


Visiting Hours

Visiting hours are limited to the hours listed for each department. Please ask your guests to limit their visits to visiting hours to allow the medical staff to treat you and your fellow patients without interruption and to allow you and your fellow patients to get proper rest. Click here for a list of visiting hours for the departments.


Order and Cleanliness

You and your guests are asked to maintain the order and cleanliness of the medical center.


Ban on Lighting Shabbat Candles

Every department has a special area designated for lighting Shabbat candles. Due to fire safety concerns, candle lighting in hospital rooms is prohibited.


Please do not leave the department without the knowledge and permission of the staff.

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