Neurology Department


Department Director: Dr. Yaron River

Deputy Department Director: Dr. Sergio Shabtai

Head Nurse: Ms. Oxana Porat

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Senior Physicians:

Dr. Sergio Bluman, Clinical Assistant Prof. 

Dr. Natalia Badnerchik

Dr. Noam Fierstein




Dr. Alexei Goldman

Dr. Yelena Skripei

Dr. Venedicta Danilov

Dr. Fadi Rachal

Dr. Adam Agbaria

Dr. Aburaia Maisun


Dr. Ivan Kovacs – EMG Institute

Dr. Mark Kartzenus – Pain Clinic



Ms. Shuli Marciano


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The Neurology Department provides emergency primary care to neurological patients who arrive at the ER for diagnosis, follow-up and monitors patients after hospitalization. The Department also treats patients referred to it by other neurologists or specialists for further evaluation and treatment.


National and International Studies 

The Department participates in national and international therapy studies. Research on drugs to treat innovative drugs to treat headaches, Parkinson's disease and confusion has been conducted. Additionally, the Department has performed a variety of trials for innovative medical devices used for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes.


Specialist Clinics:


The Pain Treatment Service
Director: Dr. Yaron River. 

The pain treatment service combines several elements, which work together in order to provide everything required to treat pain in the hospital, in accordance with the needs of the system. Among other things, the pain clinic services include: a head and neck pain clinic, a sharp pain clinic and a complementary medicine clinic. 

The Neurology Clinic 

The Neurology Clinic diagnoses, monitors and treats patients following hospitalization. The Clinic also treats patients referred to them by other neurologists or doctors for evaluation and treatment. This is a general neurology clinic that is operated in rotation by department doctors and is part of the hospital's outpatient clinics.


The Pain Clinic 

Director: Dr. Yaron River in conjunction with the Anesthesiology and Recovery Departments.

The Pain Clinic specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of back pain, headaches, chronic or unusual limb pain as well as treatment-resistant pain. In addition, the Clinic performs invasive treatment in the operating room, including botox injections for pain. To provide patients with optimal treatment, the Clinic also works with the Alternative Medicine Clinic.

The clinic does not issue permits for the use of medical cannabis.


Headache and Migraine Clinic

Director: Dr. Yaron River

The clinic treats patients who suffer from headaches and migraines.


Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroimmunology Clinic
Clinic Director:
Dr. Ofir Zmira
The clinic provides diagnosis and multidisciplinary treatment to patients with multiple sclerosis. It also provides a solution to patients with various autoimmune diseases due to primary or secondary damage to the immune system of the nervous system. Range of diseases for which the clinic provides a solution: multiple sclerosis, NMOSD, MOGAD, conditions in which the damage to the nervous system is part of connective tissue diseases such as Lupus, Sjogren’s syndrome or sarcoidosis.

The Neuromuscular Disease Clinic and the Epilepsy Clinic 

Director: Dr. Blumen.

The Clinic focuses on muscular diseases, muscular atrophy, and nerve diseases as well as the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy.


The Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorder Clinic 

Dr. Dr. Nispipeanu.

The Clinic diagnoses various types of tremors and treats involuntary movement, in Parkinson's disease, including through intramuscular botox injections.


The Stroke Clinic

Director: Dr. Natalya Badnerchik. The Clinic focuses on diagnosing early signs of stroke, monitoring patients who have suffered strokes and in preventing further events.


TCD Clinic

Director: Dr. Sergio Shabtai, Deputy Director of the Department of Neurology.

The Clinic performs ultrasound imaging of the intracranial blood vessels to reveal the reasons for stroke. TCD is a device that facilitates highly accurate identification of several reasons for the appearance of a stroke. The examination with the device can resolve several questions: Was the stroke caused due to narrowing of the intracranial blood vessels or is it secondary to blood clots, which can travel to the brain from anywhere in the body.


Botulinum Toxin Injection Clinic

Director: Dr. Yaron River 

This is a unique clinic that operates as part of Hillel Yaffe Medical Center's Neurology Department. It provides botox treatments, which are included in the health basket. Botox treatments have proven to significantly help patients suffering from symptoms of various diseases of the central nervous system. The diseases manifest themselves in disorders in brain systems that regulate the body's complex movement and whose disruption results in involuntary movement, physical disorders, uncontrollable pain and more. 


The Syncope Clinic
Director: Dr. Yaron River and Dr. Mark Kazatsker
The clinic offers comprehensive service to patients suffering from recurring syncope (fainting). It employs a staff of neurologists and cardiologists who work together to provide a quick, effective diagnosis and treatment. 


The General Clinic 

Rotating duty of department physicians.

The Clinic treats patients who were referred to it following hospitalization or patients who were referred to the Clinic by their community physicians for further evaluation. The Clinic treats patients suffering from headaches, memory disorders, degenerative diseases, genetic diseases and neurological diseases.


The Complementary  Medicine Clinic 

Directors: Prof. Rafi Carasso and Dr. Kobi Rozengarten.

Is adjacent to the medical center and assists with treatment in the Pain Clinic.




Department-affiliated Institutes


The EEG Institute 

Head Technician – Bruria Neeman

The Institute performs EEGs for emergencies in the Emergency Room, hospital departments and ambulatory patients. EEG is a critical tool in the diagnosis of epilepsy, headaches, brain tumors, poisoning, confusion and for unconscious patients.


The EMG Institute 

Director: Dr. Blumen

An EMG is an important tool used to diagnose muscle diseases, muscular atrophy, nerve diseases and damage caused by trauma to the spinal cord or limbs. The Institute serves hospital departments as well as ambulatory patients.


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Useful information

Number of Beds:

18 – the department has 15 inpatient beds and three neurology ICU beds


Telephone Numbers:

Clinic Secretary – 04-7444262

Department – 04-7444420/1

Fax: 04-6332861




Consult with a Senior Physician / Department Director:

Department physicians will be available to provide you and your family with medical explanations and information on Sundays through Thursdays, between 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. and on Fridays between 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. Consults with the Department Director and with senior physicians can be scheduled through the Head Nurse or Department Secretary at 04-7744262.


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