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EMD - The Emergency Medicine Department


Department Director: Dr. Jalal Ashkar

Deputy Director: Dr. Pavel Peschansky

Head Nurse: Ms. Mira Libel 

Deputy Head Nurse: Mr. Illia Nasimov

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Senior Physicians:

Dr. Margarita Medvedovsky

Dr. Yuri Krivitski

Dr. Eva Dragma

Dr. Igor Tulchinsky



Social Worker:

Ms. Keren Shilo-Paz


Ms. Marina Dalal



Ms. Zina kupit

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Useful information

Number of Beds:

16 internal, 13 surgical



Ground Floor (north)


Telephone Numbers:

Director: 04-7744274

Nurses: 04-7744271/4272

Doctors Room: 04-7744504

Secretary: 04-7744108


Fax: 04-7744283




Consult with a Senior Physician / Department Director:

Once registered, you will be invited to enter the emergency room, where you will undergo initial triage in which the desk nurse will refer you to the department most suited to treat your medical complaint. At this stage, you will undergo initial testing to assess your medical condition, after which you will be approached by the attending physician.

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The Emergency Medical Department provides patients arriving for emergency medical care with an immediate diagnosis followed by speedy, efficient, intensive and the best possible treatment, all provided by a warm, caring staff. The list of services provided by the EMD includes internal medicine, surgery, orthopedics, trauma, urology, neurology, ophthalmology, psychiatry and obstetrics. Other services available to patients in the EMD include consultants and services in Ear-Nose-Throat medicine, dermatology, plastic surgery, gastroenterology, vascular surgery, pediatric and hand surgery, ICU and general care, hematology and endocrinology.


The new, spacious EMD building includes two wings – the 16-bed internal wing and the 13-bed surgical/trauma wing. In addition, the wing includes a trauma room that is outfitted with the necessary equipment for two beds with an option for a third, a walk-in wing that includes a physician’s office and patient waiting area, the orthopedic wing, with two physician’s offices and waiting area for patients. 


In addition to the main wings are:

  • Pediatric surgery room
  • Gynecology room with the necessary equipment
  • Casting room
  • Suture room for minor surgeries
  • Rooms to store emergency equipment that can be quickly deployed in the event of a large-scale multiple trauma event and/or toxicological mass casualty event – hospital drills for toxicological mass casualty event during normal circumstances.


EMD Activities are Performed in Compliance with Israeli and Foreign Protocols


The EMD employs a staff that treats patients in accordance with Israeli and international emergency medicine protocols, and in compliance with protocols and procedures written based on experience accrued at the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center. The protocols, which serve as guidelines, resolve problematic issues for the attending staff.


We make sure to issue constant updates and immediate alerts to events and/or risks through all forms of media. Staff meetings take place every day. Academically, we present cases for discussions and/or conduct expanded lectures.


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About the Senior Staff

Dr. Jalal Ashkar, EMD Director

Dr. Jalal Ashkar, Director of the EMD and a specialist in both internal medicine and emergency medicine, is a graduate of the hospital's general and economic management course and an active member of the Israeli Association for Emergency Medicine as well as the European Society for Emergency Medicine. Dr. Ashkar is a lecturer at the Technion’s Faculty of Medicine, has published various articles on emergency medicine, actively participates in national and international conferences on emergency medicine and is responsible for employing medical students in the various departments at HYMC.

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