Mental Health Services


Division Director: Dr. Efrat City Elifaz

Head Nurse: Dr. Osnat Aharon, PhD

Head Psychologist: Ms. Orit Freund

Head Social Worker: Ms. Orna Vachinsky

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The Mental Health Services at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center were established in 1997 and include a hospitalization unit (open), an adult outpatient unit, an adolescent outpatient clinic (Manor), and mental health clinics for adults and children. The division offers consultation services to all the hospital departments and is in close contact with people at the hospital and in the community.

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Hospitalization Unit

Department Director: Dr. Efrat City Elifaz

Senior Physician: Dr. Amshalom Idan

Department Secretary: Ms. Rina Imanilov




The hospitalization unit is an open department, with a multidisciplinary staff who work using the case management method. The department accepts patients for hospitalization from the community and from within the hospital. The treatment given is varied, inclusive, and adapted to the patient’s needs.


A wide range of mental health problems are treated in the department: Mental disorders included psychotic disorders, personality disorders, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, OCD, and PTSD, and combined physical and mental illnesses. Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is also available.


The medical treatment includes reference to the patient’s physical and mental state, and includes a wide range of psychotherapeutic, individual, and group therapies, occupational therapy, and art therapy.


Useful information:


Location: The Psychiatric Department is in the southwestern area of the hospital.


Telephone numbers:

Department: 04-7744712, 04-7744711

Head Nurse: 04-7744714

Secretary: 04-7744717

Fax: 04-7744718




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The Adult Outpatient Unit

Director: Dr. Elad Kurant

Department Secretary: Ms. Rina Imanilov




The Outpatient Unit provides treatment each day five days a week, for people who have experienced a crisis, using a wide range of group and individual therapies. The treatment is comprehensive and intensive, and includes psychotherapy, treatment by social workers and rehabilitative treatment, occupational therapy, art therapy, and medical treatment, with attention to the physical and emotional components of the treatment.


The service has two main objectives: An alternative to intensive treatment without full psychiatric hospitalization. Additionally, the unit can serve as a transitional setting following psychiatric hospitalization and before resuming function in the community.


Acceptance to the department requires a referral from the family physician or psychiatrist, or other authorized mental health care professional as well as a financial commitment form.


The unit is intended for patients from the age of 18.


Useful information:


Location: The psychiatry hospitalization building


To contact us and for further details, please contact the department secretary, telephone 04-7744717, fax 04-7744718, email:

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The Adult Mental Health Clinic

Director: Dr. Ella Lande

Senior Physician: Dr. Ella Notrius

Clinic Nurse: Katy Rachniev

Secretary: Rivka Allouche




The Adult Mental Health Clinic has a community-like character, and provides services for all health funds, which refer it patients from a wide geographic area. The clinic staff includes professionals from all fields of mental health. The clinic offers a range of treatments, including psychiatric follow-up, dynamic psychotherapy, CBT, rehabilitative treatments, and group therapy.


The population treated at the clinic includes people aged 18 and upwards with various kinds of mental disorders:


Emotional distress due to difficult life events: Stress, suicidal events, physical diseases.


Various types of mental disorders: Anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, personality disorders.


Acceptance to the clinic is followed by intake including a physician’s examination and psychosociological evaluation, after which a treatment program is determined. Acceptance to the clinic is with Form 17 and after referral by the primary care physician.


The Crisis Intervention Team provides immediate psychological counseling to people in crisis, to help them regain mental balance as well as mental, biological and social function, and to minimize the potential for emotional trauma as far as possible.


To schedule an appointment at the clinic, you need a family physician’s referral and a financial commitment form.


Useful information:


Location: "Mull Ha-Chof" Shopping Center, 4th. floor, 10 Shechman st., Hadera


Telephone numbers: 04-7744835 04-7744836

Fax: 04-6334526



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The Pediatric and Adolescent Mental Health Clinic

Director: Dr. Tatyana Ebert

Head Psychologist: Ms. Rahel Eisen

Head Social Worker: Ms. Dalia Vigrat

Office Manager: Shiri Paul-Hasin

Secretary: Ms. Liron Genosar




The Pediatric and Adolescent Mental Health Clinic at Hillel Yaffe offers a range of diagnostic and therapeutic services for children, adolescents, and their families, who are experiencing social, scholastic, behavioral, family, or personal problems. The diagnosis and treatment meet the highest professional standards and our staff offer personal attention and loving care.


Our services are provided to children of all ages who suffer from emotional crises due to reasons linked to the child himself, his environment or a combination of both, such as developmental difficulties, anxiety and fears, mood disorders, identity issues including gender identity, learning difficulties, behavior change such as a person isolating themselves or aggressive behavior, self-harm, trauma, social ostracism or rejection, as well as family situations that cause anxiety or frustration to children, such as divorce, illness, or loss of a parent, and conflictual parent-child relationships.


Following the diagnosis, the clinic staff offer an individually-tailored therapy program that includes individual and group therapy, help and guidance for the parents, and psychiatric medical interventions. The treatment is a cooperative venture by all those involved in helping the child, while taking into consideration the child’s welfare, joint help from the involved parties, and complete transparency.


How to contact us: Please call the clinic and send us a referral letter from the child’s pediatrician. You need a payment authorization from your health fund (Tofes 17). Those asking for treatment are sometimes asked to complete a questionnaire. Depending on the problem, the patient-minor will come for a medical psychiatric assessment or assessment by the psychosociological staff.


Useful information:


Clinic address: 2 Hanasi Street, corner of Rambam Street (3rd floor), Hadera


Telephone numbers: 04-6337099/4

Fax: 04-6326410



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Adolescent Psychiatric Outpatient Treatment Center – Manor



Dr. Tatyana Ebert – Director of the Pediatric and Adolescent Mental Health Clinic.

Ms. Eli Rozen – Director of Outpatient Care.

Ms. Ofra Avergil – School principal, Study Center, Hillel Yaffe Medical Center.

Ms. Chen Bar – Homeroom teacher.

Ms Liron Genosar - Secretary.




The Manor Center is a service helping adolescents (aged 12-18) who suffer from poor adaptation and psychiatric disorders who have trouble continuing to function at home, in society, and at school. The center has a multidisciplinary medical, paramedical, and educational staff, including a classroom under the supervision of the Ministry of Education which supplies academic studies at a level commensurate with the child’s age and ability.


For additional information about the Manor Center >>

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Academic Activities

The Psychiatric Division serves as a center for multi-disciplinary teaching: Teaching psychiatry to students from the Faculty of Medicine at the Technion, broad nursing instruction, including a post-basic course, recognized for specialization in clinical psychology (for both hospitals and clinics), teaching for those completing courses in psychotherapy and social work, and teaching of art therapy.

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