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Internal Medicine D


Department Director: Dr. Nina Avshovitch
Senior Physician:Dr. Said Younes
Head Nurse: Iyad Darwashe
Deputy Head Nurse: Sophia Shaulov

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Senior Physicians:
Dr. Said Younes 
Dr. Karina Zilber

Dr. Nashed Hamuda 
Dr. Ruwan Watad 
Dr. Amin Genaim 
Dr. Noga Aharoni
Dr. Nicola Tokan
Dr. Nimer Sha'aban 
Dr. Carmel Aviad
Dr. Muhamed Abu Romi
Dr. Nilli Talbi

Ms. Noga Mesika




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About the Senior Staff

Two of the senior physicians in Internal Medicine D have additional specializations:

Dr. Nina Avshovitch: Rheumatologist
Dr. Said Younes: Senor Physician in the department, currently completing specialization in rheumatology

The department is in the final stages of assembling a strong, young and academically-oriented staff of physicians that will include the addition of another senior physician as well as additional residents in the future.

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Internal Medicine D focuses on the treatment of a diverse range of internal diseases, particularly rheumatological as well as hematoncological diseases.


The department operates a rheumatology and out-patient clinic that provide specialized treatments such as fluid aspiration and drug injection, intravenous treatment with innovative biological drugs, intravenous cyclophosphamide chemotherapy and treatment with anti-inflammatory IV/IG proteins and more.


Rheumatology Clinic>>

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Useful Information

No. of Beds: 38

Location: Hospital Building B, Third Floor 

Telephone Numbers:
Nurses Station: 04-7748350  Fax: 04-7748352
Head Nurse: 04-7748354 Fax: 04-7748353
Room of Doctor On Call: 04-7748358
Department Director: 04-7748355
Department Secretary (Tel/Fax): 04-7748359

Telephone Number to Schedule Clinic Appointments:
Rheumatology Clinic: 04-7744252, 04-7748417



Dr. Nina Avshovitch – Department Director and Rheumatology Consultant:

Ms. Pnina Biton – Head Nurse:

Ms. Noga Mesika – Secretary:


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Academic and Research Activity

Internal Medicine D conducts approved clinical studies and treats patients with the most sophisticated drugs available, which have yet entered the health basket. The department diagnoses and treats all rheumatology-related problems and diseases, including autoimmune diseases, inflammatory diseases, Familial Mediterranean Fever (FMF) as well as degenerative disorders of the joints, bones, muscles, tendons and blood vessels. 

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