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Study: Pomegranate Juice and Chronic Rhinitis

Study Objective:
To examine the effect of pomegranate fruit extract (PFE) on patients suffering from chronic sinusitis with or without nasal polyps, in patients who are candidates for sinusitis surgery and in patients with chronic rhinitis. 

The Method:
Patients with chronic rhinitis, sinusitis or nasal polyps will be included in the study. Patients will complete a questionnaire with a listing of symptoms.

The trial will include 2 groups – one group that will receive topical nasal pomegranate fruit extract (PFE) twice a day and a second group that will receive a placebo for one month. After one month, patients will undergo an otolaryngology examination, including an endoscopy, a nasal air flow test and patients who are candidates for surgery will undergo a tomography of their sinuses that would have been required in any case prior to surgery. Patients will complete a questionnaire with a listing of symptoms.

A comparison will be made of the two groups in order to determine the efficacy of the investigational product. The trial is a double blind trial.

Inclusion Criteria:
Over the age of 18
Patients with chronic sinusitis diagnosed as belonging to one of the following groups:
- Sinusitis with polyps
- Sinusitis without polyps
- Patients also suffering from chronic rhinitis
- Candidates for surgery
- Not candidates for surgery

Exclusion Criteria:
Previous nose or sinus surgery
Subjects below the age of 18
Background disease such as diabetes
Chemotherapy or radiation therapy
Allergies to pomegranate or yeast products


Contact the ENT Unit at 04-6304275, the Unit Secretary 04-6304549  Shiri

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