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The Gastroenterology Institute


Director of the Gastroenterology Institute: Dr. Yael Kopelman
Head Nurse: Ms. Smadar Nafrin

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Dr. Roman Depsames – Specialist in Gastroenterology
Dr. Oren Gal– Specialist in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology
Dr. Baruch Ovadia – Specialist in Gastroenterology. Specialist in Internal Medicine
Dr. Vitaly Verzhevitzky – Resident in Gastroenterology. Specialist in Internal Diseases
Ms. Elizabeth Mahjana, MSc – Clinical Study Coordinator
Dr. Saif Abu-Mouch – Liver Disease Clinic Coordinator

Proctology Clinic
Dr. Trost
Dr. Kirshon

Ms. Yisraela Friedman – Registered Nurse
Ms. Helena Sapoznikov – Registered Nurse
Ms. Miri Tal – Registered Nurse
Ms. Alina Boniovitch – Registered Nurse
Ms. Bruria Shoshan – Registered Nurse
Mr. Ilia Nessimov – Registered Nurse
Ms. Ahuva Gondai –Aide 

Ms. Yael Cohen – Institute Secretary
Ms. Albina Issakov – Medical Secretary
Ms. Lihi Levy – Secretary
Ms. Lilia Boga – Secretary

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Hillel Yaffe Medical Center's Gastroenterology Institute is one of the first sites in Israel to perform endoscopies. The Institute offers a wide range of services, including:

  • Adult Gastroenterology Clinic
  • Liver Disease Clinic
  • Proctology Clinic
  • Upper and Lower Digestive System Motility Lab
  • Monitoring of esophageal pH for 24 hours
  • Breath test to detect heliobacter pylori
  • Breath test to detect lactose intolerance 

The Gastroenterology Institute performs a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopies: 

  •  Gastroscopy – optic examination of the upper digestive tract 
  • Enteroscopy – optic examination of the small intestine 
  • Colonoscopy – optic examination of the large intestine 
  • Upper and lower endoscopic ultrasound – examination of the internal organs of the digestive system by combining an endoscopy and an ultrasound to examine internal organs located adjacent to the digestive system such as the pancreas and bile ducts, facilitating an examination of the processes in the digestive tract walls 
  • ERCP - Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography - imaging of the bile ducts and pancreas combined with x-rays 
  • CE – Capsule Endoscopy -  Enteroscopy through an endoscopic capsule   

Capsule Endoscopy 

The easily swallowed capsule, which looks like a large vitamin pill (size 11x26mm), contains a camera, light, battery, transmitter and antenna that transmits the signals to the receiver. The disposable capsule is discharged through the rectum 3-5 days later. The images received provide a view of the small intestine, something that was only previously possible through surgery.

Patients swallow the capsule while fasting. Eight electrodes are attached to the abdominal wall, similar to an ECTG, and all information is transmitted to a receiver. Patients then return to normal activity, including eating and drinking. Eight hours later, the receiver that is connected to software that allows the doctor to view the videos to make a diagnosis and decide on the necessary treatment, is removed. 

The capsule is used for:

  • Performing endoscopic tests to diagnose intestinal diseases 
  • Performing early detection, diagnosis and treatment digestive tract and liver diseases 
  • Providing treatment to prevent surgery and increase public awareness of early detection and prevention of the disease 
  • If necessary, providing surgeons with the maximum amount of information about the disease in minimum time and with minimal damage 
  • Research to identify preventative measures and treatment of digestive tract and liver diseases 


The exam is in the health basket. 

To schedule an appointment, please contact the Institute secretary. The decision to perform this procedure will be made by the Institute's team of doctors.
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Useful Information

Institute Building, Ground Floor

Telephone Numbers:

Fax: 04-7744408


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Additional Information

Consent Form Dilatation of Esophagus 


Consent Form Gastrointestinal Endoscopy


Consent Form ERCP – Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography

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