Oncology Department


Department Director: Dr. Valerya Semenysty
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The unit's work is based on providing extensive outpatient service, including possible complementary therapies to cancer patients, follow-up care and creation of a care plan. The unit has an outpatient center for ambulatory care and six inpatient beds when lengthy treatments are necessary and/or when specialized hospitalization is required.


Unit services:


1. Follow-up outpatient care of oncology patients.


2. Complementary chemotherapy as an ambulatory service (outpatient).


3. Palliative chemotherapy as an ambulatory service (outpatient).


4. Initial oncology consulting for patients hospitalized in the departments.


5. As part of hospitalization in the Oncology Unit: Administration of chemotherapy to inpatients, hospitalization for supervision following outpatient chemotherapy.


6. Outpatient treatment of side effects: Patients can come in the morning to the Oncology Outpatient area to have blood tests taken, receive an infusion of fluids and/or other medication therapy, depending on the side effects themselves and their severity.


7. Telephone guidance during home treatment: The nursing staff is in telephone contact with patients who take pills and/or intramuscular injections and/or subcutaneous injections. They educate them and answer questions. The medical staff follow-up on the care and side effects, and recommend tests/other things and notify them regarding continued treatment.


8. Social workers: The unit offers psycho-social assistance through a social worker, who helps patients and their families cope emotionally from the time they receive the diagnosis throughout all stages of the disease and treatment. Additionally, the social worker helps patients fully exercise the rights due to them from various government agencies and community organizations. You can contact the social worker through the Oncology Unit staff or through the medical center's Social Service Department (04-7744268).


9. Dietitian: The staff of the Oncology Institute believes that nutritional therapy is very important for oncology patients, as an integral component of multidisciplinary and medical treatment. The dietitian who works at the institute is part of the Nutrition Service staff at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center. Nutritional therapy begins when the patient is admitted to the Oncology Institute and according to the patient's personal needs (nutritional condition, type of treatment, surgeries and other diseases that require nutritional attention). Nutritional treatment includes support dealing with the side effects of chemotherapy, preventing malnutrition and nutritional deficiencies, nutritional education following surgeries of the digestive track and treatment of chronic diseases. Additionally, patients also receive counseling on dietary supplements. They are guided during treatment and are updated on nutritional news.


10. Psychological counseling: A cancer diagnosis is in most cases accompanied by emotional upheavals and many thoughts about the future. The psychological component of coping with the disease has a significant impact on quality of life. The purpose of the Psychological Service of the Oncology Unit is to provide a personal and accessible response to patients and their families. In this manner, patients receive an immediate response to the needs that arise during treatment. Counseling is provided throughout the entire process: coping with the diagnosis, emotional preparation for the medical procedures and treatments, as well as how to handle the side effects, help making decisions, help with communication processes between patients and their families, and patients and the medical staff.


11. Physical therapy: As part of the Steps to a Healthy Life project run by the Israel Cancer Association, the Unit offers group exercise classes for oncology patients, taught by a physical therapist. Physical activity has clear and scientifically proven advantages in the treatment and rehabilitation of cancer patients. Beyond the activity offered on site, education is provided along with recommendations on how to include physical activity in the lifestyle of the patients and healthy people as well.


12. Leisure activity: 

  • Spiritual counseling: Gives patients and their families an outlet to discuss the difficulty, pain and sadness, and to ask the questions that arise when trying to cope with the disease. Spiritual counseling is provided through a diverse array of tools: listening, conversation, reading stories, relaxation and breathing techniques, meditation and work through movement and guided imagery. 
  • A volunteer from the Israel Cancer Society comes to the unit once a week and provides information about activities for cancer patients in the community, support centers and a network of volunteers.

13. Pain Unit: Patients can receive service from the medical center's Pain Unit, which includes a physician who specializes in pain and a nurse who coordinates pain issues. The service includes control and guidance regarding the symptoms of pain through mediation and additional therapies. The can be reached through the Oncology Unit staff.

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Useful Information

Number of beds: 6


Telephone numbers:

Secretary: 04-7748280, Fax 04-7744994

Appointment scheduling: 04-7748280

Nurses: 04-7744969, Fax 04-7744985

Department: 04-7744520/1, Fax 04-7748352

E-mail: oncology1@hymc.gov.il



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